Aug 18 2015

Autumn Shorts

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 10:09 am

I’ve started thinking about how to transition my summer wardrobe into autumn. Definitely I will keep wearing my shorts! Here are some great options if you are like me and don’t want to give up wearing your summer shorts as the temperature decreases.

Add a cozy sweater and boots

and when it gets chillier add a scarf, thick socks and sheer tights as well.

Add a blazer

or a trench coat.

Perhaps invest in tweed shorts

and whatever you choose, remember to stand in the breeze and strike a pose.




Aug 13 2015

Call the Midwife !

Category: MediaEyeliah @ 3:40 pm

After I took prenatal yoga training I was recommend to watch Call The Midwife for more insight into women and childbirth via true stories from 1950s London. The show is fascinating and I have since watched all episodes on Netflix and am halfway through Jennifer Worths books.

The clothing and the accents vary all the way from grubby to upscale, posh to cockney. Wouldn’t it be wild to live in a time when nurses dressed like this;

 And not this? 

Obviously the former is more attractive but the latter is the practical choice.

Here are a few looks at costumes from the show.

Did I forget to mention the nuns??


Nurse Jenny Lee always lovely in pale yellow.






Aug 07 2015

New Glasses

Category: ReviewsEyeliah @ 2:42 pm

A company contacted me to do an eyeglasses review but… I ended up not being a fan of the product. And I don’t really like to spread less than positive press so I won’t mention the company name here. It’s too bad they aren’t the greatest quality as they do look stylish and the customer service and shipping speed were both five stars.

Jul 18 2015

Pants Party

Category: I ShopEyeliah @ 8:21 am

For the last four years, yoga pants are what I wear most days and usually I throw a pair of shorts or a skirt over top. I recently got a pair of Black Milk Peacock Leggings and I’ve been inspired to find gorgeous yoga pants that don’t have to be hidden. Have I become a person who wears yoga pants as pants? Not as of yet but it’s nice to look stylish while teaching.

Bleach Pen via Etsy & Teeki

Muladhara Yoga & Shen Creations

BocaLeche, Fitness Apparel Express & Black Milk Peacocks

Fabletics & Evolve Fit Wear

Jul 11 2015

Mesh Tastic

Category: I ShopEyeliah @ 11:51 pm

It’s interesting how items I get from clothing swaps start a trend in my closet. There was recently high-low and now mesh! I’ve acquired a few mesh tops and they are great for air flow and showing a bit of extra skin on hot days. It’s been a heat wave in BC for two weeks now and it’s about wearing as little as possible, which can be challenging to keep outfits fresh and fun. So this is where the mesh works great. Here are pieces that I have been drooling to add to my closet.

David Koma & Michi


Ohne Titel & Alala

Beyond Yoga & Unknown

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