Dec 31 2014

Yoga Challenge December – Complete!

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I have officially competed my yoga challenge practicing every day in the month of December. It feels great, I don’t want to stop. Here are a few more pictures.

Yoga while on vacation

At my favourite yoga studio

More toe wiggling

Restorative yoga



Dec 18 2014

Yoga Challenge December

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I challenged myself to do yoga every day in December.  Eighteen days in and I haven’t missed one yet! That’s probably why blogging has been a little slower, sorry guys. Here are a few yoga photos I’ve taken along the way.

Childs Pose

Tensegrity Legs


Click the picture to watch my big toe wiggle, working on core strength and the core starts at the big toe.

Reclined Half Hero Pose

Mar 28 2013

Open Your Heart

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Recently I took part in a heart chakra workshop at a yoga centre.  After listening to a recording of throat singing by Tom Kenyon designed to open the heart we were given a pen and paper and told to write. It was a very introspective experience, I left feeling a heavy heart, and ready to commit to changes I need to make. That was two weeks ago and I have implemented the changes.

This is what I wrote;

The echoes stretch to each corner of my rib cage
rattling emotions out of their favorite hiding places
acceptance instantaneous

the whole heart expanding
the whole heart expanding
seeking the expansion of desert rolled out in front of me
new room for possibilities infinite.

Jan 31 2012

Ohhhhhhmmmmm, Ohhhhhhmmmmm

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Remember when this was a fashion blog?  😀  It’s fun to show you a couple yoga teaching looks, but I have to admit it does feel weird posting them on the internet.  My yoga look is simple, perhaps in the future it will evolve.  I’d love to teach in earth toned organic cottons, layered scarves and flowing pants, I wonder why I don’t do that?

I edited these photos in picnik.  I am starting to worry about what I am going to do  in April when Google closes the site permanently.  I have been using the site for all my photo editing for years!

Do you use Picnik for photo editing?

J76 Yoga Pants, the best. Friendly Fires T-Shirt. Bare Feet.

*Eternal Om*
I played this in a yoga class, it just keeps going and is very relaxing.

Jan 13 2012

And With These Problems Come Solutions

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~ Happy Friday the 13th ~

Another yoga teaching outfit for you.  Again with the black skirt overtop, I know I’ve been relying on this skirt too much.  I have about ten other skirts to choose from so I am making a resolution to only wear the black skirt only once per week.

What item in your closet do you rely on TOO much?

I don’t often go to teach without a skirt over my pants.   If I did I’d look like a *lazy person* in yoga pants which is actually quite common in Vancouver and the reason we ranked #3 on the Worst Dressed Cities in the World list.  And yes, we deserved it.  Below is a close up of my purple Sockdreams kneehighs and wresting boots.  The slouch in these socks makes it easy to fit pants underneath, the boots work without lacing up which makes me smile.

Black Knit Sweater, Christmas Gift. Canada T-Shirt, free from swap. Bluenotes Eyelet Skirt. Lululemon Pants. Sockdreams Socks. Acquired Wresting Boots.

*Coming Down, The Weeknd*
His music has more profanities that I would prefer but he is so talented it’s worth it.

Love Eyeliah

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