Nov 10 2014

Vegas Baby

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Looks like I *forgot* to mention the last time I went to Vegas as well.  What happens there stays there I guess.
Here are a few of favorite things about Vegas.

Ornate Washrooms.

Sparkly Bars and Day Clubs.

Free drinks for betting pennies.


Boozy slushies and tattoos available at 4AM.

Sep 14 2014

The Moment When A Memory Aches

Category: My Outfits,TravelEyeliah @ 11:20 pm

I’ve been enjoying casual end of summer outfits, here are a couple more.
Will have to bust out some fancy pants soon, even if it’s just dress up.

Also adventured on Galiano Island, one of the most beautiful places on the planet and had to share a few photos.

Outfit 1; Sample Sale RVCA Har $10. Mall Sale tank $3. Swap Capris from years back.
Outfit 2; Borrowed Hoodie. Swap T Shirt. William Rast Shorts $10. Airwalk Flats $20.

*Wishes, Beach House*

Aug 12 2014


Category: Life,TravelEyeliah @ 5:11 pm

Summer has been so hot and glorious, my outfits have been mostly tank tops and shorts with flip flops.

That’s me reading MaddAdamm by the river. The grim future Atwood depicts in the book has inspired me so far to reorganize my recycling system, start composting and purchase collapsible travel containers. I am excited to be moving towards a more sustainable way of living. 

Jul 31 2014

Slice of Heaven

Category: Inspiration,TravelEyeliah @ 4:12 pm

Spending my free time at the beach.

And getting ready for Pride :)

Rainbow Nails

Dinosaur Makeup



Oct 20 2012

Seattle Road Trip and The XX Paramount Theater October 6, 2012

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Took a road trip to Seattle to see The XX in concert, since funds are a bit tight drove back the same night and got home before 3am.  I don’t think I can really put into words how amazing the concert was, it was like watching someones heartbeat.  Here are my favorite pictures of the day.

This sign is not quite as eloquent in Spanish.

Nirvana Exhibit.

Royale with Cheese cupcake.

This Dog Japon food cart made me take pause.  It has been open in Seattle for 2 years.  Uber successful JapaDog has been around for 7 in Vancouver.  Dog Japon has similar uniforms and is even using the same font on their signs.

The gorgeous Paramount theater for The XX show.

The XX Setlist

Heart Skipped a Beat
Basic Space
Night Time
Swept Away


They played almost every song from their two albums, only leaving out Our Song, Try and Unfold. Best of the night was the breathy Missing.  If you want to get an idea of how visually stunning The XX is live, check out this video.  I was so glad to be seated in the back row to have a birds eye view of their light show, I was spent an hour and 15 minutes just in awe.

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