Nov 13 2013

Jewellery World Review

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This nine carat white gold box chain from JewelleryWorld arrived recently for review and I have no hesitations recommending the loveliness of this chain. It is of high quality and looks gorgeous. It arrived promptly and in a beautiful jewelry box. It is available as a 16, 18 or 20 inch chain. If this simplicity isn’t your style this website is loaded with rings, pendants, earrings and so much more, check them out!

These were my other favorites;


Mar 13 2013

New Frames ~ Photos and Review

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I wear glasses every day.  I have worn glasses every day for a decade.  Letting that sink in, I realize how important it is for us four eyed individuals to have frames that we love, frames that suit our face shape and frames that are functional. Our frames are a part of our face, our identity, what we show to the world.

When I was contacted by GlassesUSA to do a review on prescription glasses I was excited and got right to it.  I had too much fun on their site looking at the multitude of choices and uploading a picture and using the Virtual Mirror below to ‘try on’ all my favorite pairs.

I haven’t had many frames over the years, only four pairs actually as I get stuck on a look I love and don’t often change it up. The frames before my current tortoiseshells I wore for four years straight.  So I was surprised that after receiving my new iSee 720 Purple lenses I tried them on and subsequently haven’t taken them off since! (Well, I did for sleep time and showers, you know what I mean).

These glasses are great, they are subtle with their hints of purple but also bold in a large size with cat eyes.  I don’t think I would have choose them if all I had were photos to look at but with the virtual mirror I knew they were a good style for my face. And GlassesUSA also includes all size measurements so I knew they’d be a good fit.  Easy as that.  Luckily (for review purposes), before this magical pair I ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses which ended up being too tight on my temples.  The 30 day return process was straightforward. I wasn’t able to call them, but that is my phone providers issue so they called me and refunded me quickly with no qualms and I was able to move on and select a pair that works better for me.

Thanks GlassesUSA!

Get your own pair, buy glasses. Currently take 30% off all frames with basic single-vision lenses + get free shipping for all orders in the US. See details here.

Feb 28 2013

eShakti Bicycle Dress

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I was so excited to receive the eShakti bicycle dress in the mail this week!

It was custom designed just for me, and it was easy too just requiring my measurements. I even got to specify dress length to a saucy and summery above the knee.   The seams are strong and well sown and there is a side zipper for a slimmer silhouette. The cotton was a bit stiff at first but it is loosening very quickly. It has pockets, we all love dresses with pockets.  Of course I’ve already worn this fun dress twice, easily this is a new favorite.

Get 20% OFF your own custom made clothing at eShakti with promotional code ‘STYLESYMME‘. Offer valid until March 20, 2013.

Thank you eShakti!


Jul 16 2012

HanaAir Review

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I was sent the new Hana Air Premiere hair dryer from Misikko and I am really loving it.  It is a professional quality dryer with two speeds and three heat settings including a cooling button which is gentler on my fine hair.  It is powerful and quiet and gets the job done quickly.  The only feature that doesn’t suit my life is the 12′ cord as it is unnecessarily long for my small space and tangles easily.  I give HanaAir a 9/10 and it is definitely replacing my *ahem* 15 year old hair dryer.  Thanks Misikko!  You can also check out their T3 Flat Irons if you like.

Jun 27 2012

Moo Cards

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I just had the best experience working with Moo Cards!  I choose to build Rounded Corner Business Cards and for fun Sticky Business Cards.  There are close to 300 designs to choose from and you can also upload your own designs.  I choose these pretty yoga poses.

I like fanning them out to people so they can choose their favorite pose.  These are a thick cardstock too and with gorgeous printing they are the finest cards I’ve ever come across.  Seriously, they are Pat Bateman good.

For the stickers I uploaded my own designs.

The uploading and designing software was extremely user friendly.  The hard part for me was choosing what designs I wanted and how many of each.  You could add text on images so there was no need to design on another site before uploading onto Moo.  I also made fun stickers to give to my friends and put on my water bottle.

The prices are very reasonable and Moo makes it accessible to look up what you want and how much it will cost at the touch of a button.  Finally!  It is beyond annoying when you have to make an order and go through all the shipping steps before you know the “real” cost.

So on the whole I definitely am recommending Moo and will use them again in the future when my fabulous cards need to be reordered.  Thanks Moo!


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