Mar 27 2014

Let Me See You

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 4:25 pm

I decided to clear out a few dresses that don’t fit me quite right and are a bit worn out. The promise of shopping for a new dress made the process a bit less painful. I got this cutie at the thrift store for eight dollars.

Thrifted Tree Dress. Red cardigan, Gift. Army & Navy Red Boots.

*Bounce That, Girl Talk*

Been listening to Girl Talk at the gym, it’s great pump you up music.

Feb 27 2014

Better Than Memories

Category: Clothing Swaps,My OutfitsEyeliah @ 5:02 pm

We had a splattering of snow, which is rare here. So it was a perfect chance to sneak out early in the morning in a puffy jacket and catch snowflakes.

I tend to wear shorts (layered) more in the winter than (bare legged) in the summer. These red booties are a comfy wide fit and do great in the rain, got them at a recent clothing swap I hosted. I also picked up another pair of boots and these five pieces below, was quite impressed with my restraint.


Plenty Spotted Hat $20. Thrifted Grey Scarf. Shorts and Red Rain Boots, Free from Swap. Halfmoon Legwarmers. Borrowed Jacket.

*Supersymmetry, Arcade Fire*
(I got tickets to see them again this summer!)

Feb 18 2014

Gonna Walk On The Sunny Side

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 11:58 am

This is about as fancy as I get these days. I am so glad I got this furry sweater years back, it’s my go to for dressing up any look.


Chambray Dress, Free from Swap. Borrowed Tights. Winners Faux Fur Sweater. ZigoSoho Boots $70.

*Same Damn Thing, Anjulie*

Jan 31 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 3:43 pm

This is what I wore for my birthday, the theme was what you want to be when you grow up so I wore this and carried around a blow up guitar. We did private room karaoke and it was just nuts how many people came out. I didn’t realize how good friends I have these days, I felt overwhelmed and so lucky. Great birthday!


Geometric Dress, Clothing Swap. Thrifted Ballerina Sweater. H&M Leggings. Winners Suede Boots. Arrow Necklace and Spike Earrings, Gifts.

Dec 17 2013

Stick It To Your Heart

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 4:47 pm

There was a Harry Potter themed birthday party I attended this past weekend. The rules were simple; get sorted and then dress in your house colors. Of course I want to be a hero so I am 2/3 Gryffindor and every other house is a far off second place.

Today I purchased a Banksy wall art decal on Etsy. It will be a great addition to the one blank wall in my place. I have a ‘thing’ about art hanging above where I sleep, I’m worried it will fall on me, so this will work much better for my anxiety.


Aussie Wrap Dress, Free from Swap. Linea Pelle Belt, Gift from Shay. Winners Faux Fur Sweater. Music Note Earrings, Etsy. Army & Navy Red Boots.

*Just Another Girl, The Killers*


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