Jul 25 2016

What Fran Wore Instagram

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More 90s fashion nostalgia coming at you with What Fran Wore. This Instagram account has been around for twelve weeks and has 8,000 followers. It’s fun to look at Nanny Fine’s clothing labels and see how much designer duds she was wearing. Watching this as a kid it never dawned on me that she was wearing Vintage Versace, Moschino and Todd Oldham because I didn’t yet know who these designers were! Adds a whole new level of respect, she must have been a whiz at budgeting.

Christian Dior



Jean Paul Gaultier top and Alaia skirt


Anna Sui

Todd Oldham


Herve Leger



Jul 20 2016

Ghosts Flowers Instagram

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GHOST_FLOWERS is an account managed by Kelly Rakowski. She touches on fashion moments in celebrity history, my favorites are mostly 90s.


Jul 18 2016

Every Outfit on Sex & The City Instagram

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In these days of Instagram it is fun to get sucked into fashion nostalgia. One of my *new* favorites is everyoutfitonsatc, it’s been around for three weeks and it already has a ton of press and has rallied 138,000 followers. I know Carrie says “don’t mock the clothes” but that is exactly what they do and it’s fun.


Miranda’s iconic monochromatic overalls & puffer coat ensemble.

*watches Annie Hall once*

Did you happen to notice my headscarf?

Mar 16 2016

Beautiful Balmain

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These outfits are just dreamy.Black and silver always classics, netting and embroidery becoming trends.

Feb 28 2016

Best Dressed Oscars 2016

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The Best

White Trend

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