Nov 26 2015

Plaid Waist

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This look is everywhere… it’s bothersome.
If it’s cold enough to have your coat on why does the plaid shirt stay tied around the waist?

This however makes sense.

Nov 25 2015

A Tale of Two Adele’s

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To celebrate Adeles release of 25 on Friday here are some of her recent public looks.

There is another Adele to watch out for these days; Adele Exarchopoulos.



Nov 23 2015

Best Looks at the AMAs

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All That Glitters

Demi Lovato & Giulana Rancic

Girly in Pink

J.Lo & Ariana Grande

Not So Basic Black

Meghan Trainor & Gwen Stefani


Ashley Benson

Wilmer Valderrama & Casper Smart

Oct 26 2015

Blanket Coats Yea or Nay

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I just travelled on a ferry to Vancouver Island and back, and it seems like everyone was wearing the new blanket coat trend. I for one am not digging it, probably because it’s like a song that is being overplayed on the radio. It seems harmless enough, but do I have to hear it every five minutes?!

What do you think, are you a friend or foe of the blanket coat?


Aug 13 2015

Call the Midwife !

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After I took prenatal yoga training I was recommend to watch Call The Midwife for more insight into women and childbirth via true stories from 1950s London. The show is fascinating and I have since watched all episodes on Netflix and am halfway through Jennifer Worths books.

The clothing and the accents vary all the way from grubby to upscale, posh to cockney. Wouldn’t it be wild to live in a time when nurses dressed like this;

 And not this? 

Obviously the former is more attractive but the latter is the practical choice.

Here are a few looks at costumes from the show.

Did I forget to mention the nuns??


Nurse Jenny Lee always lovely in pale yellow.






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