Dec 05 2014

7 Year Blogaversary

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 1:32 pm

Seven years wow. I’ve definitely got the Seven Year Itch but I can’t seem to let go of blogging just yet. To celebrate I put some blonde in my hair.

Aug 12 2014


Category: Life,TravelEyeliah @ 5:11 pm

Summer has been so hot and glorious, my outfits have been mostly tank tops and shorts with flip flops.

That’s me reading MaddAdamm by the river. The grim future Atwood depicts in the book has inspired me so far to reorganize my recycling system, start composting and purchase collapsible travel containers. I am excited to be moving towards a more sustainable way of living. 

Dec 25 2013

Happy Christmas All

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 8:47 pm


Christmas came early this year when it snowed last week.
Hope you and yours are having a lovely season.



Oct 07 2013

Hair Swirl

Category: Life,My OutfitsEyeliah @ 11:15 am

Does anyone else have a crazy cowlick?

80′s Bangs; no hairspray required.

I’ve been dealing with my front cowlick since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until I cut off all my hair that I realized there is also a giant swirl on the back of my head.

Crown Swirl

When I had longer hair gravity would keep everything tame and hanging downwards. Now with my short crop the hair grows every which way. It’s quite funny when I am outside in the wind and my hair turns into a major Alfalfa.

My lovely hairdresser has a plan, in the near future she’ll be cutting my hair even shorter and I’ll be sure to update you all when it happens!

Jul 23 2013

New Hair

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 2:17 pm

It feels so nice to have all that heavy hair gone! I’m probably going shorter, this is my “in between” cut.

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