Sep 22 2015

Mala Beads

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I was given mala prayer beads and I took them out with me yesterday. They are a good reminder to stop and connect with mindfulness and breathe. Mine are a quite simple strand that are smooth to turn over in your fingers. These are some beautiful options available on Etsy.

EarthHeartJewelry & AellaJewelry

GrdnEarthlyDelights & MishkaSamuel

ThePillowBook & BeadsByMelissa



Sep 16 2015

Slumber Party

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It’s time for new pj’s and cloudy days are for reading (Wild, Cheryl Strayed) and online shopping for fall essentials. I have actually moved on from my past over consuming ways, (mostly) only buying new things when the old ones break down and clothing swaps do not provide. My pajama situation is in a sad state of affairs after camping in them too much this summer, but truly I’ve had my pajamas since 2007 (proof) !! I bought two pairs on Boxing Day 2007. When the red pair bit the dust a few years ago I pulled out the still never worn purple ones and now they are set for retirement. I spent some time on ShopBop picking out my favorites.

PJ Luxe & Three J NYC

Love + Grace & Wildfox

MINKPINK & Calvin Klein

Honeydew Intimates & Eberjey



Aug 29 2015

Water Works

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The forecast for Vancouver over the next week is rain, rain and more rain. So since summer has abruptly halted and I am digging out waterproof gear I thought it would be best to embrace the wet and find new rain boots and the choice is tough!


Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger


Hunters, Unknown

Paul Frank, Toms

Something Special

Dav, Burberry, Steve Madden

Unknown awesomeness.

Jul 18 2015

Pants Party

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For the last four years, yoga pants are what I wear most days and usually I throw a pair of shorts or a skirt over top. I recently got a pair of Black Milk Peacock Leggings and I’ve been inspired to find gorgeous yoga pants that don’t have to be hidden. Have I become a person who wears yoga pants as pants? Not as of yet but it’s nice to look stylish while teaching.

Bleach Pen via Etsy & Teeki

Muladhara Yoga & Shen Creations

BocaLeche, Fitness Apparel Express & Black Milk Peacocks

Fabletics & Evolve Fit Wear

Jul 11 2015

Mesh Tastic

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It’s interesting how items I get from clothing swaps start a trend in my closet. There was recently high-low and now mesh! I’ve acquired a few mesh tops and they are great for air flow and showing a bit of extra skin on hot days. It’s been a heat wave in BC for two weeks now and it’s about wearing as little as possible, which can be challenging to keep outfits fresh and fun. So this is where the mesh works great. Here are pieces that I have been drooling to add to my closet.

David Koma & Michi


Ohne Titel & Alala

Beyond Yoga & Unknown

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