May 29 2012

How to Easily Curl Your Hair with No Heat

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My friend Susan told me about this easy way to curl your hair without heat.  She described it as French braiding your hair around a circular headband and she had seen the video on youtube.  Of course I had to try it!  I choose a thick band that would create big curls and be comfortable to sleep in.  It took less than five minutes to tuck my hair around the band and be done.  Please watch the video for the proper tutorial.

UPDATE: Oh no, she made the video private!

Okay, I will try my best to explain this…
Brush through lightly damp hair and place headband near crown of the head.
Start at the front, grab a small section of hair and loop through the band so that part of that piece will tuck out the bottom.
Then take that bit that is leftover and another small section and loop again (this is why Susan described it like French braiding).
Do this until you reach the back of you hair and then do the other side working front to back.
As you tuck and loop you will also want to push the hair forward on the band so you have more room to work in the back.  Your result should look something like this with all your hair looped around the band.

In the morning I simply pulled the headband backwards out of my hair to reveal bouncy, loose waves!

This is with just a light comb through, no brushing or product yet.  I can see this being a part of my regular routine, as a girl with 99.9% straight hair it is a nice change to have all this body.  If your hair is longer it may be harder to get your hair out of the band so I recommend first using a headband you aren’t attached to in case you need to cut it out of your hair.


Will you try the headband curls?

Feb 19 2012

How To Buy Comfortable Shoes

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I understand for some, maybe even most people it is easy to find shoes but for me it is challenging.  So this post is for people like me (hi there).  My right foot is a half inch wider and also a half inch shorter than the left which makes my feet slightly PICKY in finding comfort.  My game plan when I shop for shoes starts with making sure the store gives full refunds as long as shoes are not worn outside, then I wear the shoes around the store for five to ten minutes before I decide to buy them; last but not least I wear the shoes inside my house for an evening or two or three to be sure they are comfortable before venturing onto the sidewalk.  This system has worked great for me for years and I no longer am stuck with piles of expensive uncomfortable shoes that I will never wear!  Just this week I got my money back for the cutest pair of denim Keds, they were great in the store but as soon as extended wear came into play my toes and heels were aching.  I am so glad I waited before wearing them outside, $30 saved.

Now I should say I am great at shopping for shoes except for when I go online, I am decidedly NOT a fan.  Since there is no chance to try on the shoes there is no way to get a real idea of fit.  Currently I am bringing these online frye boots into rotation though it has taken quite a while to work in the leather.  And my adorable online grey booties sent by Solestruck?  They are super comfortable…… once I get them on, there is a odd seam on the heel that takes a bit of sweat to get my foot past.  To be better at online shoe shopping I have tried scoping out the mall before shopping online, but I felt bad asking the salespeople to help me when I had no intention of purchasing.  I also couldn’t find exact matches here in Canada, it seems our mall choices are slightly outdated and limited.  To help with the pairs that don’t fit I found this excellent resource on how to fix common shoe problems.

Do you know the secret to choosing shoes online?

If so, please divulge.

Thrifted Jacob Sweater. Native Printed Skirt, Etsy. Frye Boots, c/o Shopbop.

*Charm Attack, Leona Naess*
I recently uploaded to my computer a dozen cds I used to play on constant repeat… and now I am overplaying them again, it’s great.

Jan 24 2012

How To Survive The Rain Without An Umbrella

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I am not an umbrella carrier, the fact that I lost the only one I had is besides the point….. so this is what I wear to keep as dry as I can on days that pour in my fair city of Vancouver.

Start with a staple waterproof or water resistant coat, look for one with a high collar or hood so you can bypass on a scarf.  It’s also important for those who wear glasses to don a wide brimmed hat to stop pesky raindrops from landing on specs.  Over my pants a skirt and high socks to soak up some of that rain and rubber shoes to keep toes dry.  Unfortunately these shoes gave me a few wicked blisters today, so I should toss them out straight away.

This close up on my jacket may give a better idea of just how wet it was out!

McKinley Water Resistant Coat; great for concerts, camping and rainy days. Winners Angora Hat and Rain Shoes.

Do you go without an umbrella on rainy days?

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Love Eyeliah

Jul 28 2011

How Do I Get The Neighbors To Turn Down Their Music?

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It’s been happening since I moved in here July 1st, around 2 in the afternoon Beyonce, Usher and Kelly Clarkson start bouncing off my living room walls.  My neighbor has her music and bass turned up, again.  I hate conflicts and so far I have done nothing.  Today, after appropriately dealing with a jaywalker I almost hit with my bike “it’s my right to walk anywhere I want” I was feeling ready to say something to her.

I marched myself right over to her door and knocked loudly, and then knocked again, and then knocked using the door knocker.  She  didn’t come to the door but turned her music down a smidge and then turned it right back up a minute later.

An hour and a half later and I can still here the music “you can pay my bills…” and feel like a useless chicken.  Not wanting to leave a passive agressive note or call the landlords I’m really not sure what to do.

Here is my possible note so far;
“I tried knocking three times, I can hear your music in my apartment and it is uncomfortably loud. I would appreciate if you could turn it down, especially the bass. I work odd hours and am often home during the day.
Thank you”

I’m debating to leave that or kicking her door for a knock she can’t ignore, but of course still being polite with my choice of words.  I’m about to knock one more time, wish me luck.

How do you deal with noisy neighbors?

May 07 2011

What’s in My Backpack, How To Travel Light

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For two weeks in Greece I really didn’t want to bring a ton of stuff, in my backpack I have;

2 tank tops (white, army green)
2 t-shirts (light blue, navy blue)
1 long sleeve shirt (white floral button up)
1 sweater (red cashmere)
1 shorts (army green)
1 skirt (tie dye blue)
1 dress (cherries)
2 scarfs (sea blue, purple)
4 socks, 4 underwear, 2 bras, 1 yoga pants
1 jacket (black)
1 hat
1 sandals (pictured below)
1 street shoes (adidas)

At the Temple of Poseidon, Cape Soúnio

Just make sure all your pieces can be worn together, they are wrinkle resistant and light to carry. I simply wash a few pieces in the sink every couple of days though there is always a laundromat option in most places as well.

Tunnels and caves in Plakias, Crete

waterproof camera
G10 camera
mini toiletries, towel, pillowcase

Avoid bringing expensive, nice things as you’ll just worry, wreck or lose them.  Next time I think I will leave my ipod and computer behind and get a micro fibre travel towel to cut down on weight.  Also if your budget allows most hostels give linen and a towel for 1 euro each for your duration.

What’s in your travel bag?

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