Jun 22 2014

Thrift and Swap Junkie

Category: Clothing Swaps,I ShopEyeliah @ 3:35 pm

Here are the recently acquired items that have moved in to my closet. Currently very excited about the anchor patterned shorts.

White Hoodie; Gift. $4 Thrifted Red Anchor Shorts. Patterned Dress, Electric Blue Blouse and Olive Striped Circle Scarf; Free from Swap.

Tattoo Matching Tank, Sheer Blouse, Wrap Dress and Cashmere Sweater; Free from Swaps.

Stripes, Cropped Jacket and Cute Grocery Bags all from today’s swap!

Summer Sneakers; Thirfted Plaid $17 and Airwalk Slip Ons $20.


2 Responses to “Thrift and Swap Junkie”

  1. Smaggle says:

    Hello lovely Eyeliah! I was just going back through my archives and found a comment from you from years ago and thought I’d pop on over to say hello. Gosh my dear you are looking gorgeous! Must be all the yoga! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, just wanted to pop up and say hi and let you know that I still lurk around here.


  2. Caboguy says:

    Hola ,,, I love the checkered shoes & the cropped jacket !!

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