Apr 23 2014

Closet Clean Out

Category: My ClosetEyeliah @ 1:40 pm

I’ve been revamping my style lately.  I cleaned out all (!!) my floral skirts, a lot of pink and anything that is worn out, damaged in any way and unspecial things I rarely wear. I  ended up with a giant pile!

In the past few weeks to replenish my wardrobe I’ve shopped with my mom, been to thrift stores a few too many times, a random clothing swap put on by a public group, a second hand sale put on by a local group of shopaholics and then hosted a clothing swap of my own. As a result I now have a few very flattering dresses, three pairs of shorts to wear with leggings, some different tops and a few great pairs of footwear.  It is exciting to evolve my style from me five years ago into something that suits me now. Soon I’ll show you some of the new items in my closet.



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