Dec 28 2013

Catching Fire Hunger Games Style

Category: MediaEyeliah @ 12:49 pm

I read all three Hunger Games books. The first movie was good though it strayed from the original story in a few too many places and didn’t quite capture the opulence of the capital and Effie Trinket.

In Catching Fire they got a new director and new costume designer and it made a world of difference for Katniss’ world. The director stayed a lot closer to the story, which in truth may have been made easier as this is the ‘filler’ book. And Trish Summerville, the costume designer from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo definitely gets an A+. Each Effie outfit below is Alexander McQueen.

Wedding dress by Tex Saverio.

And I’ll just leave you with Effie’s dream sequence esque butterfly dress.

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