Dec 23 2013

Tattoo Cover Up Part II; Finding An Artist

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See Part I here.

When I got the jewel tattoo I picked a generic design off a wall. I didn’t stop to think about the level of experience of the artist doing the work. I didn’t even looked at a portfolio or think about the long term repercussions, I was 18 so of course invincible and never going to age.

To get the jewel tattoo covered up, I want it to be with something beautiful. A design created just once. A work of art. Many of my friends have tattoos, it is the culture here. Is it the culture in your part of the world as well? There is a tattoo artist’s work that has been popping up again and again on my facebook feed. More than a few people I know have beautiful tattoos and cover ups by Katia of Rainfire Tattoo.

Katia specializes in precise lines, dot work and intricate patterns. Her tattoos are art. And of course being the symmetry fanatic that I am, I was sold. I made a design consultation appointment with her, soon I’ll let you know how it went! 

Stay tuned for Part III; Choosing A Design.

2 Responses to “Tattoo Cover Up Part II; Finding An Artist”

  1. caboguy says:

    I can’t wait to see what you select !!

  2. wardrobe experience says:

    how exciting! can’t wait to see the designs …

    oh, happy new year, my dear.

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