Dec 10 2013

The Glamorous 1980’s

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For the past couple days I have been sick, nothing too bad but definitely taking it easy on myself. As a result I ended up watching a lot of Glee and Doctor Who which lead to some very interesting dreams of the Glee kids getting covered in krillitane oil and fighting with song as one of the Doctor Who villains tries to suck their faces off… I also watched a couple of glamorous 80s movies Purple Rain and Less Than Zero. It’s great how at the night clubs guys are always in suits, girls in big hair and shoulder pads. so I decided to make collages for you.

Less Than Zero is very Miami Vice meets Dynasty if everybody was really really depressed.

The costumes in Purple Rain are rich in their frills and velvet deliciousness as well as inspired songs and heartache.

And if that wasn’t enough 80s Glam Goodness for you today, check out Daily Mail for a peek at the Ibiza, Moments in Love photos by Derek Ridgers take in black in white in 1984.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that some of the people in the background are dressed quite average/boring. It remind me of some of the parties I’ve been to almost 30 years later. At many events there are only the few and far between die hards who go all out and look amazing, sometimes I am one of them.

Last weekend friends put on a fun neon themed party. I was more inbetween as I wore layered tops of neon green, pink and purple with shorts with bright tights, oh and some tattoo redesign inspired glittery glow in the dark face make up. This is a photo from the bus, I’m wrapped up from the cold on the way to go dance. 🙂

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  1. Caboguy says:

    – old shows are fun to watch and to see what shows the cast members have been or are in now!!

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