Dec 04 2013

Tattoo Cover Up Part I

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When I was 18 years old I decided on a whim to get my first tattoo. There was a girl in my class who had the most delicate flower ankle chain and I wanted to be like her! Of course at the time I just thought it was my right of passage moment, actually that sounds better so lets stick with that…

When I was 18 I embarked on the right of passage of getting my first tattoo! I walked into the closest tattoo shop, picked a tattoo off a sheet and dropped down my $50 deposit. A week later I had a crooked diamond on my ankle; read FAIL.

*crude drawing depicting the missing 7th side in the tattoo I received.*

The shop owner told me that only the person who did the tattoo could fix the tattoo but thankfully I was able to get him to understand that the artist who mangled my leg was in NO WAY getting near me again even if he wasn’t holding a tattooing needle. The shop owner fixed the tattoo as best he could and it was always a sore spot for me that I have this slightly crooked tattoo on my leg.

So I have after many years finally decided to get it covered up. Stay tuned for Part II; Finding An Artist.

7 Responses to “Tattoo Cover Up Part I”

  1. Caboguy says:

    hmmm,,, maybe you could get it altered into an image of your Dad (your thoughts ??)

  2. eyeliah says:

    lol, wow that is NOT happening! :p

  3. Marie Terry says:

    You wouldn’t believe how often I have heard similar stories from clients. It seems to be a common thing that people get messed around with their first tattoo. Luckily this one is not very dark at all and should have faded over time. One could cover this with almost anything really.
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  4. Irma says:

    Huge thumbs up on this post!
    Irma´s last blog post ..Irma

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