Dec 01 2013

Dawson’s Sucky Creek

Category: MediaEyeliah @ 11:43 pm

Okay maybe that title is a bit harsh, but not really. This is definitely old news but recently I started watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix only to discover that a majority of the music has been changed. Season Two alone has 95 song replacements! I can live without I Don’t Want To Wait annoying me in the opening credits but when you take a romantic scene set to Kiss The Rain by Billie Meyers and change it to a song I’ve never heard before (If You Came Back by Tommy Holmes) it kind of breaks my heart. Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry, Run-Around by Blues Traveler, How by Lisa Loeb and Hold on To Me by Cowboy Junkies gone! If you don’t know who any of these artists are, that’s okay. It just means you probably aren’t a 90’s kid like me and you should go immediately to youtube and watch their videos. Apparently they had a lapse in their music rights before the dvds were made.

If you like to analyze things you can see all the songs including the replacements here;

And yes, James Van Der Beek is crying about it.


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