Oct 16 2013

Clothing Swap Haul

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As always I walked away with a nice pile of *new* things from a swap.  This one had ten people in attendance.

My favorites are the pocketed grey skirt and the oversized bow blouse. The dress is a bit of a project as it’s too large in the bust, the scarf is so bright and vibrant I’ve been wearing it everyday. In a couple of weeks there are two swaps on the same day, three hours apart so I hope to make it to both, wish me luck!

It’s also fun to revisit old swap items and see what happened…

Ended up wearing the plaid dress quite often, draped cardigan a few times and the cute blue dress out for a fancy thing and can’t wait to wear it again.

Swapped out the first two tank tops as they didn’t work for me, got bleach stains on the slouchy sweater but I still love and wear it. uncertain about the striped tank, may get swapped out soon.

So far wore the electric blue once and loved it, the grey tank is in heavy rotation, swapped out the peasant blouse and wore the lion once so far. Swapped out the swirled blouse and off shoulder floral dress (even though I thought I’d wear it a lot), Zac Posen’s denim dress is worn quite often and have yet to wear the striped skirt.

And these pieces from June

Teal top worn quite often, dress is great for super hot days and camping, never wore the white blouse.

Brown tights are awesome and worn all the time, pretty teal shirt has a place in my heart though a small hole, gloves maybe on Halloween and I can’t seem to find the lil cardigan, but I love it.

Wool sweater worn with love, next two swapped out and the ‘bee’ tank gets a heavy rotation.

So I’ve kept 19/26 and worn 15/26. It’s interesting how much gets “wasted” and makes me thankful I didn’t buy 26 new pieces at the mall.

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