Aug 20 2013

Alicia Keys, MGMT and The XX Setlists

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Alicia Keys Rogers Arena March 8, 2013 Setlist

I have been a fan since Fallin’ but have only ever heard the radio hits and a few other songs so I was excited for the opportunity to see a bit more of Alicia Keys. And a bit more I did see, literally. She came out in this cleavage down to her mid drift blouse that stunned the audience with it’s sex appeal. Alicia spent less time sitting at her piano then I would have expected and was preforming choreographed dance moves instead. She pulled off the moves and was able to keep her outfit together the whole time too! There was a touching moment when she spoke of her family and sang a song for her son. She sang my favorite song No One and I am pretty sure I did not cry. The moment of the night had to be Alicia beating a drum and singing for Girl on Fire. There is something so epic and beautiful about one voice connecting with one instrument in a huge silent stadium that gives chills.

New York
You Don’t Know My Name
Tears Always Win
Listen to Your Heart
Like You’ll Never See Me Again
A Woman’s Worth
Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)
Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart
You’re All I Need to Get By
When It’s All Over
Murder She Wrote
Fire We Make
Not Even the King
If I Ain’t Got You
No One
Girl on Fire
Brand New Me

Empire State of Mind

MGMT Commodore Ballroom May 13, 2013 Setlist

I got my tickets for MGMT months before they show.  I set an alarm for the minute they went on sale and got my two tickets, within 15 minutes it was a sold out show.  I was having a really bad day the day of this concert… I thought it would be a breeze to resell the tickets online but no one seemed interested, luckily I was able to sell one ticket and decided to go since I couldn’t sell the second. I found out why they were hard to resell when I got there, the venue had released extra tickets the day before, the show was no longer sold out.  There were multiple people (scalpers?) trying to sell their tickets for half price at $30. It was so fascinating to watch that I stayed outside instead of catching the opening act.

As a big MGMT fan (someone who likes their huge hit album as well as Congratulations and other releases) I was surprised that Electric Feel was my favorite song of the night, it just rocks and sounds amazing live! I didn’t do my usual dancing in the crowd but rather sat up top in the balcony. I had an opportunity to practice ‘non-violent communication’, a book I’ve been reading with people who tried to take over my table and that felt good. Even though it was a bad day, I was so glad I still went to the show.

Lady Dada’s Nightmare
The Youth
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
New Song (may be Your Life is a Lie)
Time to Pretend
Mystery Disease
Siberian Breaks
Electric Feel
Introspection (cover)
Weekend Wars
I Found a Whistle

New Song (may be Alien Days)

The XX Queen Elizabeth Theater May 24, 2013 Setlist

For their new tour, only seven months after I saw them last it felt like an entirely new show. A new set, with new visuals it was like being a blissful dream sequence that ended far too soon. Though they played for an hour and a half, I was so sucked in that it felt like twenty minutes. Pretty much every syllable Romy sings steals your heart and the best of the night was definitely Fiction, the way Oliver sang “fiction, when we’re not together’ could break your heart. I stand by my word, I will see The XX every time they are putting on a show nearby.


Heart Skipped a Beat
Night Time


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