Mar 28 2013

Open Your Heart

Category: YogaEyeliah @ 2:43 pm

Recently I took part in a heart chakra workshop at a yoga centre.  After listening to a recording of throat singing by Tom Kenyon designed to open the heart we were given a pen and paper and told to write. It was a very introspective experience, I left feeling a heavy heart, and ready to commit to changes I need to make. That was two weeks ago and I have implemented the changes.

This is what I wrote;

The echoes stretch to each corner of my rib cage
rattling emotions out of their favorite hiding places
acceptance instantaneous

the whole heart expanding
the whole heart expanding
seeking the expansion of desert rolled out in front of me
new room for possibilities infinite.

2 Responses to “Open Your Heart”

  1. Caboguy says:

    – sounds like an enlightening experience ,,, I wish you the best in moving forward with your life!! (xoxox)

  2. Kattie says:

    Its helped me. Good job.

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