Mar 26 2013

Clothing Swap Haul

Category: Clothing SwapsEyeliah @ 1:11 pm

This week I hosted another clothing swap, as I usually do every few months.  Something about this one (maybe Spring) had people all fired up to come and there ended up being a dozen ladies in my new little 323 square foot apartment!  Not only that but a few people had so much to share that it took us an hour to sort all the clothes into piles and another two hours to try everything on!  It was so hectic (and fun) that I didn’t get to see what everyone choose, but many of us left with more than we brought.

Here is my haul!

The Pinks; butterflies, floral, stripes. These items are all very me.

The Blacks; pleated figure skating style skirt, halter vest and silky underclothes.

The Basics, Clean and fitted tanks and t-shirt and a grey hooded sweater.

And More; vintage 80s shirt, a rose clasp belt, plaid with sparkled thread and a perfect fit circle wrap dress.

3 Responses to “Clothing Swap Haul”

  1. Caboguy says:

    I trust you had several of your items selected so you have closet space for all this neat stuff ,,,well done!!

  2. chelsea says:

    Hey, that butterfly cardigan has been in my mind since I originally saw it in the store. Someday I hope to find one thrifting.

  3. Eyeliah says:

    CaboGuy, I haven’t attempted to fit it all yet actually. I hope it goes okay. Chelsea, if I don’t overwear it I’ll send it to you in 6 months or so. 🙂

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