Mar 19 2013

Outgrowing The Blogs We Read?

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Have you heard the news about Google Reader closing down?

There are probably many of you, like me who use Google Reader as the tool to manage your favorite blogs new posts. I have been using GR since 2008 as a way to manage the 500+ blogs I’ve read, perused and glanced over the past five years. Now that I need to move to a new reader tool like Feedly I’ve been pruning that 500+ blog list. It’s amazing to note how many blogs on this list are no longer posting. What ever happened to The Owls Are Not What They Seem, Leproust, Milk/Singe, Our Paper Moon and The Ongoing Project? And noting how many blogs that I don’t always the time to read anymore, Rebecca’s Clothes Horse posts, Hel Looks, Dearilou and Face Hunter; I am just so behind.  The plan is to par down the blogs I read list to just the absolute favorites and that chimes in at less than 50 (and that includes the four mentioned above). I am certain this new list will be manageable and leave room to add new blogs from time to time.

This got me thinking about outgrowing the blogs we read, my life has changed so much from five years ago and the things that draw me now are so different. No longer am I looking at office wear and ‘polite’ business outfits, I am drawn to street style, fashion that is comfortable, art and interior design. I spent the last couple months going through the entire Apartment Therapy ‘small space’ archives while I was home. And I’m dying to know…

What inspires you now?

What have you outgrown from five years ago?


Okay this is unrelated, but I found this photo of me from when I was 13 – wowza!  I don’t remember much from this day other than this dress was itchy polyester, I felt so shy in front of a camera and the stylist manhandled my bushy brows to carve out perfect eyebrows.

4 Responses to “Outgrowing The Blogs We Read?”

  1. Mom says:

    God Bless my beautiful offspring…

  2. Caboguy says:

    That was your head-shot that Chad selected for the BIG Oakes Modelling poster …I think yours was the most dramatic photo in the group!!

  3. Janiece says:

    I can’t believe you were only 13 in that pic!! I have already started using feedly to get used to it (it just imports your GR settings) and I am liking it. I’ve pared down my biogs too though – not yours of course!

  4. Lyddiegal says:

    I’m so annoyed with google! But really, there are so many blogs i’ve ‘collected’ over the years and so few I still keep up with. And definitely some I miss, and some I’d miss if I hadn’t completely forgotten about them, haha.
    Lyddiegal´s last blog post ..The leopard, the gingham, and the westie

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