Jan 16 2013

It Stirs My Soul

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 3:32 pm

After wearing the feather earrings to Lady Gaga I’ve been wearing them more often, I forgot how fun they are and how easily they add a dressed up feeling to any outfit.

This is a bad photo of it, but I’ve had this amazing coat for years, it fits me perfectly and it is just warm enough for most Vancouver days.  And it is long enough to cover any bad outfit day.

Also…. I just had to tell you that off my Wishlist I have now 5 out of 6 things!  And really the 6th was kind of a joke (kind of…).

For Christmas and birthday presents I received the book, neck pillow and rain boots.  The boots are pink, can’t wait to show you but luckily it hasn’t been raining.  I now have a Magic Bullet on my counter blending up daily smoothies and just Monday I signed a new apartment lease!  It’s my own little tiny studio with high ceilings and a patio. It’s close to downtown, all my shopping needs and the yoga classes I teach.  It will be a big change but I am still quite nervously excited to be moving in there in two weeks.

AND remember to enter this months giveaway!

Grey Knit Sweater, Free from Swap. Native Printed Skirt, Etsy. Kick Ass Boots, Thrifted. Self Made Feather Earrings. Suzy Shier Faux Wool Coat.

*Life is People, Bill Fay*

2 Responses to “It Stirs My Soul”

  1. Holli says:

    Love the earrings! Just wondering if the place pictured is the one you are lucky enough to be moving into!? Congrats on the new digs <3

  2. caboguy says:

    Hi: – love the feather earrings but I must say you likely do not have too many “bad outfit” days, right !!
    so, is the 6th item long-johns??

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