Dec 20 2012

Mixing and Matching In The Rain

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 2:36 pm

A few outfits I’ve worn lately.

I’ve been liking mixing stripes with stripes, brown with brown, floral with floral.  With them I’ll wear my yoga pants to teach classes and wrestling boots. When it’s really rainy, I wear plaid rain boots instead.

The boots were found at Value Village, brand new and $10.  They are ‘no hands required’ just step in! Unfortunately the sides ripped quite quickly…  Electrical tape didn’t work on the rubber, neither did gorilla so I am still working on finding the right tape to seal these babies back up.

#1 Thrifted Waitress Sweater and Red Polka Dot Skirt.
#2 Thrifted Banana Argyle Sweater. Native Printed Skirt, Etsy.
#3 Thrifted Cherry Blossom Blouse. Floral Skirt, Consignment.
Lululemon Yoga Pants. Acquired Wrestling Boots.

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  1. Maxens M. Finch says:

    That’s a really interesting way to show your outfits. I really like the first one, it has nice colors, the top is cool and the skirt’s pattern is interesting as well.
    You could use one of these pseudo-tape that only gets taped to itself… You’d have to first put your foot in (I guess, never tried taping my shoes!), then tape by making the tape go around your shoe multiple times, then get your foot out. I don’t even remember the name. Still it has the advantage that unless you used a lot of it and taped in weird ways, you can take it and reuse it. The disadvantage is that you have to go around what you want to tape multiple times to make sure it doesn’t go off too easily. I used some for closing a box, and I guess it won’t go off walking, depending on how you tape the thing. I’m not sure there is enough room on a boot to tape it securely with such a tape, still.
    Maxens M. Finch´s last blog post ..I’m not Brian, but I’m in the kitchen

  2. Brian says:

    – cool boots ,,,there must be a shop in West Van that will fix – maybe Chinatown? – I see lots of snow there, am glad you don’t drive!!

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