Aug 28 2012

How To Make a Coconut Bra for $2.00

Category: ProjectsEyeliah @ 9:51 am


Brown Felt 2-3 squares $0.75
Rubber Bouncy Ball $1.25
String or Scarf
Liquid Stitch

1. Cut the rubber ball in half along the seam to create ‘cups’.
There may be a protruding spout on the inside so cut that off too.
2. Cut out approximately 16 petal shapes from the brown felt.
3. Liquid glue petals on to cups, make sure to cover the entire top.
4. Once dry, trim excess felt around seam.
5. Cut two holes on each side of each cup for straps.
6. Feed straps through holes making either bra straps, halter or as I made a racer back.
7. Try not to be too self conscious to wear it.

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  1. Brian says:

    hmmm,,, a good idea but I’ll stick with real coconuts!! (ja,ja)

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