Jul 16 2012

HanaAir Review

Category: ReviewsEyeliah @ 1:23 pm

I was sent the new Hana Air Premiere hair dryer from Misikko and I am really loving it.  It is a professional quality dryer with two speeds and three heat settings including a cooling button which is gentler on my fine hair.  It is powerful and quiet and gets the job done quickly.  The only feature that doesn’t suit my life is the 12′ cord as it is unnecessarily long for my small space and tangles easily.  I give HanaAir a 9/10 and it is definitely replacing my *ahem* 15 year old hair dryer.  Thanks Misikko!  You can also check out their T3 Flat Irons if you like.

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  1. Brian says:

    – it’s powerful because you like you are in a wind tunnel… love the pink hair!

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