Jun 02 2012

Sometimes I Just Don’t Care About Fashion

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 7:39 pm

What about you?

As far back as I could remember it was always very important to me what I wore, every day.  I meticulously put pieces together even from an early age, looking different from everyone else was also paramount.  Ever since I quit the office world in November 2010 my priorities have changed drastically.  I still like to look put together, but I never worry about wearing the same thing twice or pairing the ‘just right’ jewelry, scarf and shoes.  In fact, I wear the same silver earrings and necklace, blue scarf and grey booties most days.

What am I passionate about right now?  

Yoga.  Getting paid to do something I love is worth living a more modest lifestyle.  This is about 12 hours of my week.

Playing guitar.  I have been trading private yoga for guitar lessons and I am learning to pick, finally.  I practice every day for about an hour.

Eating well, exercise, 8 glasses of water a day and flossing.  These are extremely difficult tasks which I struggle with daily but now is the time to create a healthy me for the rest of my life.  I am trying two cups of water and 20-60min of exercise to start my day, before internet or breakfast.  Every night no matter what I floss, that my friends is dedication.  These tasks take too much time, but that’s just because I don’t really want to do them.

Learning to drive.  I have a learners permit and plan to earn my full licence before autumn.

Summer.  Long walks, biking, friends, picnics, beaches, reading, fresh air!  This is how I am spending the rest of my time.  This is why I haven’t looked for a part time job, done my laundry,updated the blog enough….

I’ll leave you with the picture above of my guitar imprinted into my leg, whoops.
And this insightful link; 20 Things I Should Have Known At 20.





9 Responses to “Sometimes I Just Don’t Care About Fashion”

  1. Maxens M. Finch says:

    Which kind of exercises are you trying? I’ve been doing aerobics and it’s really fun! I also do stepper (don’t know if the right word), while watching TV shows, which I find is easier than while listening to music.
    I’ve also wanted to follow some new “paths” in life and follow back others I’ve lost, it’s really motivating to read others have the same goal. It’s also great when you are bad to see that you succeed in following these new goals.
    Wish you the best for your licence!
    Maxens M. Finch´s last blog post ..Bubble Team

  2. Eyeliah says:

    Thanks Maxens! I am biking, lifting light weights, elliptical, long walks and of course yoga. I’d like to try kickboxing and spinning soon as well.

  3. Eli says:

    It doesnt always have to be about fashion. We’ve been blogging for so long that its impossible to only blog about fashion! That’s why I try to throw in my book posts, because otherwise I’d drive myself crazy!

    That link is interesting, it actually looks like you’ve been accomplishing quite a few of the things!

  4. Kate & Zena says:

    You. Don’t. Floss. EVERYDAY?!?!?!?!?! Are you a heathen? I’ve been doing that for years (and years, and years, and years….) My dentist just yelled at my mom and brother for that actually because now they both have gingivitis and had to have their gums debacterialized to get rid of it (or something like that. Apparently it hurts a lot because they could only do half of my mom’s mouth the first time and she was numbed out. For a person who is all ready afraid of the dentist, that didn’t amuse my mom much. Oh, it also was 3 hours.)

    Right now, I’m really into photography. I’ve been taking A LOT of photos (which are all practically on Facebook.)

    In terms of sports, I really like to go bike riding (but my bike needs new tires and brakes currently. Poor bike), walking Zena, bowling and kayaking! I’m starting to get into kayaking, which I tried last year. Bowling starts later this month for me, and I really love to bowl! I really want my own bowling ball so I don’t have to keep using the alley’s (the alley’s balls are orange for the weight I use…and I deeply despise orange! I want a purple ball! PURPLE.) I can’t run as I’m supposed to avoid taxing exercise because of my moderate asthma (I have baaaaaaaaad asthma. I run for 10 seconds and I can’t breathe.)

    I love to cook and bake. LOVE. I made homemade lemonade last night as well as marinaded chicken, noodles and garlic bread. I’m making Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes from scratch today! I’m messy and slow, but I love doing it!

  5. Eyeliah says:

    Great Kate! I like to bowl and kayak too! Yes I floss every day, but I still hate it :p

  6. Kate & Zena says:

    I’m okay at kayaking. I still manage to bum out my wrists (which, apparently, you aren’t suppose to use…) I’m in my splints for a week after I kayak. When I’ve got to steam to burn off though, I’m really good on putting the pedal to the metal (okay, I admit, I was rather skeeved the first time. They MADE me go. I got them all back by getting lake weeds on them. It was a three-person kayak and I was in front. Ha ha ha.) I’m no good at doing anything than going forward. My dad can do all sorts of tricks on his.

    And I still haven’t made those cupcakes. Procrastination. Okay, I brought my dog with my mom and me when we went to go visit my grandma at her rehabilitation center (which is also a nursing home that has finches and allows dogs as long as they aren’t barky, don’t jump…that sort of thing) and it wiped me out. Zena is just too darn popular. In fact, when I went to visit her today, everyone asked where my dog was…WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO CHARM EVERYONE?! I swear, I got a dog with magical gifts.

  7. Jeanography says:

    You know sometimes not caring much about fashion will make you look more fashionable lol! You said you practice yoga, I have heard that there are many types of yoga which on you practice? Also, for being healthy I read somewhere that flossing sesame oil early in the morning will help in improving your health.

  8. Eyeliah says:

    Sesame oil? Interesting! I mostly practice hatha and restorative but I like flow yoga classes as well. 🙂

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