Apr 22 2012

Coldplay Setlist April 21, 2012 Rogers Arena

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So tonight I got this text on my phone from a good friend “I got my hands on Coldplay tickets, first person to respond gets to be my date”.  Man am I glad I was sitting right by my phone!

Free! Coldplay! Tonight! Oh my gosh, I was stocked!

Part of the tickets being last minute meant that we got to the show late, which was too bad since City and Colour was opening and we missed Coldplay’s first three songs but seriously, free tickets who cares!

We walked in to a hot and sweaty arena, 20,000 people grooving and singing and it was quite overwhelming.  After about a minute they starting playing The Scientist and I had to hold back my emotional tears of gratitude.  This is a band that I have been listening to for years.  I have every cd and know the words to most of their songs, and even play a few on guitar.  Now out of nowhere I am here seeing them live, wow.  We danced our butts off, a couple crazy fans we sang and screamed until we lost our voices, clapped with our hands up in the air and then screamed some more.  Chris was quite interactive with the crowd, changing lyrics to say that our hockey team will win tomorrow and talked about how attractive Vancouverites are (but of course).  The audience was provided with light up wrist bands that came on at the beginning of Charlie Brown so that the arena became a sea of colorful lights.  A few times they stopped singing and the crowd would sing the lyrics to songs like Fix You, Viva La Vida and Princess of China.  I couldn’t get over how crisp and clear their instruments were and the pitch perfect singing Chris provided, especially considering all the running around he was doing!  The best song of the night was the last, to end with Every Teardrop is a Waterfall pumped so much energy and postivity into our veins before we were sent on our way.  Thank you dear friend and thank you Coldplay.

Ok, enough rambling and exclamation points… here is the set list I was there for;

The Scientist
Violet Hill
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Princess of China
Up in Flames
Warning Sign
Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
Viva La Vida
Charlie Brown

Us Against the World (acoustic out in the audience)
Fix You
MMIX Intro
Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

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