Apr 16 2012

The Frock Swap Recap

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I went to The Frock Swap yesterday and I admit, overdid it.  The way the swap works is you bring up to fifteen items and for each item you bring they give you tickets to shop.  I was also on the waiting list for Rock the Swap and I found out the night before I got in!  This meant for just $10 I could choose up to twenty items AND I get in with twenty-nine other lucky people a half hour before everyone else.  I ended up at the front of the line and first person in the door for this event, can you even believe it?  I planned ahead of time that what I was going for purses, cardigans, crew neck t-shirts for yoga teaching and shoes.

Right in the door I went for purses because they are the quickest thing that people will grab, everyone wants a great new purse;

There were loads of Gucci wallets (real and fake), satchels, leather purses, totes etc etc.  I choose this oversized black purse that will either be used repeatedly or given away at the next swap, a bright orange clutch with chain strap and a red leather bag to die for IF I can clean the leather.

Next I rushed over to cardigans as they were a top priority and everyone loves a cute cardi;

This is where I went a bit overboard…. I definitely don’t need four more cardigans but these are all natural fibers so I decided to take them and wait to see which become staples of my closet.

Now I looked over the shoes and didn’t see anything that looked like my size so I went over to dresses and pretty shirts.  I knew t-shirts can wait since not many people will be there looking for crew neck shirts.

This cotton plaid smock top and red embroidered blouse will be great now that the days are warmer.  I tried many dresses but this one was the only one that made the cut. I realized once I got home that it is too short so I will try it over jeans but something tells me it will not last long in my closet.

My arms were quite full at this time (now fifteen minutes in) so I spent a quick five minutes going through my armfuls and then was back into the mix, only ten more minutes until this room gets packed with people!

On my THIRD look through the shoes…

I noticed the pristine platform heels and perfect Steve Madden stilettos were my size.  The stilettos will be saved for very special occasions as you may recall how rarely I were heels.  The platforms are worth a try with my knee as they are so cute and comfortable.

And now finally I headed over to the neglected t-shirts table;

I tried on more than a dozen tees and came away with three perfect fits.  I also found this striped sparkly scarf and a drapey oatmeal vest with pockets.

It was about twenty-five minutes in that I had gone through everything, except the pants and skirts as I don’t often wear pants and already own too many skirts.  After another half hour of trying everything on and narrowing it down to these seventeen pieces I was done.  It was quite the amazing shopping experience, I will definitely be a regular at future swaps.

Thank you Frock Swap!


a friend has been downsizing her closet thanks to a recent condo purchase (Congrats Maggie!) and has more amazing clothing for sale then I have in total!  Unfortunately for me she is a petite girl and I could only find a handful of things that fit.  This is what I got for a mere $20.

Two brand new Vancouver 2010 t-shirts, a soft and sexy v-neck shirt with studded shoulders and a bright silk scarf.


that I have acquired five new t-shirts for yoga teaching I don’t need to buy any.  This has me a bit sad as these below were the tees I was enamored with via Threadless.  Coincidentally they all feature a bird.


5 Responses to “The Frock Swap Recap”

  1. Caboguy says:

    – you most definitely are a professional shopper !! – reminds me of the binges we used to do when you were a teenager when you undoubtedly started to hone your “swap-skills” !!

  2. Franca says:

    My dave has that last tshirt!

    I love the black and red bag you got!
    Franca´s last blog post ..Primary colour goodness pt 217

  3. Jessica says:

    I sort of love that dress you got… if you do plan on swapping it in the near future WATCH OUT ;)! (Although can you imagine how short it will be on me…!) Great finds, sorry I couldn’t come with you, definitely have to plan on attending the next Frock Swap!!

  4. MJ & Danielle says:

    We love that you came to the swap! Our next one is going to be in the fall and we’ll definitely let you know when registration starts 🙂

  5. ray says:

    Wow!! So cool!!You’re really so great!!! And I love your dress and t-shirts!!!