Apr 13 2012

Weight Loss Update

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Happy Friday the 13th!  It has been a great week and I am looking forward to an even better weekend.


The first four weeks I was on 1200 calories a day which left my lightheaded and distracted so I upped my calories to 1500 and it’s going much better.  After five weeks on the plan I am noticing real changes in my body; clothes fit better, my stomach is nicely flat and my arms look thinner as well. Originally I was thinking it would take eight weeks but it is looking like maybe ten-twelve weeks to get to where I really want to be.  It is a bit disheartening as I have sacrificed so much that I really would like this to be over soon.  At the end of eight weeks I will reward myself with a few no counting meals, nothing crazy but just a bit of a break.

~Inches Lost~
Bust: -1 Waist: -2.5 Hips: -1.5 Arm: -0.5

My hips are being quite stubborn and I am biking a lot.  The only other exercise that is painless for my knee is the elliptical so I will be adding that in two to three times a week from now on.

~Inches Left To Lose~
Bust: -0 Waist: -1 Hips: -2.5 Arm: -1


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