Mar 15 2012

The Big Bang Theory Style ~ Part III

Category: MediaEyeliah @ 12:09 pm

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom centered around two physicist roommates who work at Cal Tech University, their coworkers/friends (an astrophysicist and an engineer) and their neighbor a pretty waitress/aspiring actress.  Of course hilarity ensues, nothing makes this closeted geek laugh more than TBBT.  Their geek chic styles can be quite outlandish, each character with their own signature look.  Click here for Leonard, Sheldon and Penny in Part I and here for Raj and Howard and Part II.


No one does a costume better than a geek!  Note: My friends and I know how to rock awesome costumes.

The gang had to come up with new costumes after they all dressed as The Flash for Penny’s Halloween party.

Poor Howard as a jester above and miserable as Batgirl below.

Stay Tuned for Part IV

2 Responses to “The Big Bang Theory Style ~ Part III”

  1. Brian says:

    I have become addicted to TBBT — funny, funny stuff !!

  2. wardrobe experience says:

    hahahahahahahahaaaaaa. love them. i have to start watching TBBT in english… (the german translation is always a little odd).

    wardrobe experience´s last blog post ..Last Coat