Feb 26 2012

Literary Inspirations

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I really like Thrift Eyes recent collages inspired by her favorite books so I decided to make a few as well.
Here are my inspirations based on the last three book series I have read.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I read these books back to back, borrowing them from the library in quick succession with a fervor to read through each chapter as fast as humanly possibly.  For Lisbeth think rude t shirts, leather and more leather, studs and motorcycle boots.  These books are incredibly well written, please read them before seeing the movies.  The Swedish movies were passable but the David Fincher adaptation is spot on impressive.


The Hunger Games

Just last month I read The Hunger Games trilogy, very captivating easy reading.  It is obvious Suzanne Collins has an adoration for fashion as she describes the Capitols over the top style, Effie’s colorful looks and Katniss as the girl on fire.  It will be quite exciting to see the costumes come to life on the big screen next month.

Harry Potter
(I’m currently reading The Goblet of Fire)

I first read Harry Potter when I found a book last spring and brought it to Europe.  I couldn’t get over how a book that seven years olds love could also captivate me into a world of magic and possibilities.  Subsequently I have been reading through the volumes watching each movie after a book is completed.  For the outfit inspiration dressy is best with scarlet dress, owl purse, Gryffindor manicure and velvet cape.

What books inspire your style?

3 Responses to “Literary Inspirations”

  1. Brian says:

    Sports Illustrated influences me…shorts & runners!!(ha,ha)

  2. WendyB says:

    The Harry Potter manicure is great. I’m inspired by biographies of queens — in my jewelry design at least.
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  3. Daisymay says:

    As a fan of all of the above books and series I love your looks! Think you have captured the feel of all 3 really well