Feb 19 2012

How To Buy Comfortable Shoes

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I understand for some, maybe even most people it is easy to find shoes but for me it is challenging.  So this post is for people like me (hi there).  My right foot is a half inch wider and also a half inch shorter than the left which makes my feet slightly PICKY in finding comfort.  My game plan when I shop for shoes starts with making sure the store gives full refunds as long as shoes are not worn outside, then I wear the shoes around the store for five to ten minutes before I decide to buy them; last but not least I wear the shoes inside my house for an evening or two or three to be sure they are comfortable before venturing onto the sidewalk.  This system has worked great for me for years and I no longer am stuck with piles of expensive uncomfortable shoes that I will never wear!  Just this week I got my money back for the cutest pair of denim Keds, they were great in the store but as soon as extended wear came into play my toes and heels were aching.  I am so glad I waited before wearing them outside, $30 saved.

Now I should say I am great at shopping for shoes except for when I go online, I am decidedly NOT a fan.  Since there is no chance to try on the shoes there is no way to get a real idea of fit.  Currently I am bringing these online frye boots into rotation though it has taken quite a while to work in the leather.  And my adorable online grey booties sent by Solestruck?  They are super comfortable…… once I get them on, there is a odd seam on the heel that takes a bit of sweat to get my foot past.  To be better at online shoe shopping I have tried scoping out the mall before shopping online, but I felt bad asking the salespeople to help me when I had no intention of purchasing.  I also couldn’t find exact matches here in Canada, it seems our mall choices are slightly outdated and limited.  To help with the pairs that don’t fit I found this excellent resource on how to fix common shoe problems.

Do you know the secret to choosing shoes online?

If so, please divulge.

Thrifted Jacob Sweater. Native Printed Skirt, Etsy. Frye Boots, c/o Shopbop.

*Charm Attack, Leona Naess*
I recently uploaded to my computer a dozen cds I used to play on constant repeat… and now I am overplaying them again, it’s great.

7 Responses to “How To Buy Comfortable Shoes”

  1. The Waves says:

    My left foot is bigger than my right, and in that past that got me in trouble when buying shoes. It actually took me way too long to realize that I have to buy my shoes according to the bigger foot! I am also done trusting sales people when they say that “leather will stretch” and whatever else. If a shoe doesn’t fit right, it never will.

    I rarely buy shoes online, and if I do, I go for a brand whose fit I know and trust.
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  2. Lyddiegal says:

    Charm attack. I haven’t listened to that since 2005… (which is a fact, iTunes says so.)

    I know your pain. My feet are wide AND one is bigger than the other. I feel like that is a pretty common problem though. A lot of people I know have one bigger foot. It makes me wonder how anyone ever finds shoes.

    As for online shopping, free shipping and returns are the bottom line. While I do feel a tiny bit guilty always having to send things back, it’s their business model and it’s not my fault if the shoes don’t fit. Of course it’s a plus if you know a brand that works AND is consistent with the sizing. Endless is a good online option, just becuase of the two day shipping and the year long grace period for returns.
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  3. Brian says:

    – I like these brown boots and hope they will be comfortable for you – nice skirt, too!

  4. wardrobe experience says:

    nice post…. actually i hate my feet. they’re wide and yes – one is smaller than the other (ja, Lyddiegal is not alone with her problem). i prefer buying vintage shoes. these are more wide then shoes from today. i just buy vintage shoes online(ebay), too.

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  5. ElleC says:

    I am no help I am afraid. I have crappy feet that hurt in almost all shoes. I have three choices MBT’s ($$$), Birkenstocks ($$) or ugly ones that my orthotics ($$$$) and feet will fit into. There aren’t many of those around either. Forget about wearing pretty shoes. Feel better about your problem? Good, glad I could be of service. 😎

  6. Missa says:

    Ok, I don’t have any shoe advice, but, I do still totally love that skirt! Love the monochromatic route you took with this outfit too 🙂 Hope all is well with you Hailey!

  7. mom says:

    Like mother like daughter…sorry for the brutal inheritence…But you also got my witt and charm. Mine is a full inch and have had a lifetime of uncomfortable shoes.