Feb 08 2012

Why I Rarely Wear Makeup

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 11:53 am

In lieu of a post today, check me out in a guest post on The Karina Chronicles talking about why I rarely wear makeup.

5 Responses to “Why I Rarely Wear Makeup”

  1. chelsea says:

    This is a really great picture of you. Your skin really is glowing!

  2. Brian says:

    I relly like your comments in the guest post — you have always taken care of yourself and having such a wonderful complexion is the result!

  3. Angel Collins says:

    Nice guest post. I rarely wear make up as well and what I love most about it is that people would complement you a lot when they see you wear make up. It’s like, they are not used to seeing you with make-up making them mesmerized when they see you all glowed up. Nice feeling. :)You look glowing and fresh on that picture. 🙂
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  4. Sondra says:

    Excellent post! Keep up the nifty work!

  5. Julie B says:

    That was a great post; I appreciated your reasons for not wearing makeup and they all make good sense. It’s too bad I’ve bought into the marketing and advertising about makeup; it does start us out early in our girlhood, and I feel like I “shouldn’t” leave the house without putting “my face on”…good for you!