Feb 03 2012

Gluten Free

Category: CookingEyeliah @ 12:13 pm

I decided to go gluten free, and I am on day three.  I want to see if cutting out gluten will benefit my health, allergies and weight.  I found a great website Gluten Free Goddess and this post in particular on getting started with Gluten Free is excellent.

It has been challenging considering how much I actually ate that was a wheat product.  Breakfast was granola, gluten.  Lunch was a pita, gluten.  Dinner was not so bad since I eat mostly rice, but pizza nights will surely be missed.  My breakfast is now an egg and quinoa with coconut milk and pineapple.  My lunch is struggling to be replaced, I ate the same delicious pita everyday.

To make pita deliciousness; Lightly coat 1/4 tsp olive oil onto pita.  Broil pita for 3 minutes. Cut avocado and tomato into slices and pile onto crispy pita.  Add a dash of salt, coat with lime and pepper. Enjoy!

Are you on a special diet?

5 Responses to “Gluten Free”

  1. chelsea says:

    I don’t like the idea of a special diet. Just because greasy, wheaty, or meaty food is the norm doesn’t make it what our bodies should eat. I just say I eat food. Sure, I exclude animal products, but it is so easy that it doesn’t seem “special.”
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  2. Kate & Zena says:

    No, I’m not. I’m actually picky because I have a hypersensory disorder.

    I think you should see a doctor before you try going gluten free. Going gluten free is actually really bad if you aren’t “allergic” to gluten (you, technically, can’t be allergic to gluten. Those with Celiac Disease are extremely sensitive to gluten.) You actually need gluten to live!

  3. Brian says:

    – perhaps you could continue with your pita lunch … it looks really healthy!
    (and of course, I’ll eat your share of pizza!!)

  4. mom says:

    That pita looks yummy i could totally do veg, and cut out meat… im not on a special diet..but should be 🙁
    Bri, ill share the veg pizza, I always order the veg and feta pizza

  5. Emily says:

    I’m a vegan and also wheat free as I am very sensitive to it but I can handle other forms of gluten like Rye, but I try to avoid all gluten if I can, just because sometimes it makes me feel a bit heavy/bloated but nothing serious.
    I would be careful about cutting things out without seeing a doctor. I have found that the more things I cut out the more sensitive I seem to become, Or perhaps I am just a bit more in tune with my digestion now.
    I would recommend cutting out sugar and go for natural sweeteners instead. And also cut out anything made from white flour (even if its gluten free white flour) Go for wholegrains instead – going gluten free could help you do this because you could make your own gluten free flour mixes instead of buying a premade mix, and you are forced to expand your grain repertoire when you can’t eat wheat, but going gluten free is not necessary unless you have a problem with it…. take myself for example, I thought I had a wheat problem because other members in my extended family went off wheat and said they felt so much better that they must have had a sensitivity to it. So I tried it for a couple of months, didn’t see a big difference, then went out for tea and ordered a gourmet pizza with a wheat crust- the next day was spent in the bathroom in agony. So I don’t really know if I had a wheat problem to begin with, or if I gave myself a wheat problem by going off wheat!
    And try to base most meals around fresh fruit/veg/real food 🙂
    I eat really healthfully and I still have a weight problem… I think my problem comes down to lack of exercise… so that is important too 🙂