Jan 24 2012

How To Survive The Rain Without An Umbrella

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I am not an umbrella carrier, the fact that I lost the only one I had is besides the point….. so this is what I wear to keep as dry as I can on days that pour in my fair city of Vancouver.

Start with a staple waterproof or water resistant coat, look for one with a high collar or hood so you can bypass on a scarf.  It’s also important for those who wear glasses to don a wide brimmed hat to stop pesky raindrops from landing on specs.  Over my pants a skirt and high socks to soak up some of that rain and rubber shoes to keep toes dry.  Unfortunately these shoes gave me a few wicked blisters today, so I should toss them out straight away.

This close up on my jacket may give a better idea of just how wet it was out!

McKinley Water Resistant Coat; great for concerts, camping and rainy days. Winners Angora Hat and Rain Shoes.

Do you go without an umbrella on rainy days?

*No Rain, Blind Melon*

Love Eyeliah

3 Responses to “How To Survive The Rain Without An Umbrella”

  1. Kate & Zena says:

    *gasp* Go without a umbrella??? NEVER!!!!!!!! Okay, the few times I have, thankfully, the rain wasn’t bad. Otherwise, I am paranoid about the weather here in the Midwest. The weather turns on a dime here. It can be sunny with clouds and then BAM! RAIN. I have a healthy paranoia with weather. I hate being wet. Revision, I hate being wet AND cold.

  2. Brian says:

    – apparently it rains quite a bit in PV during the night so I might have to carry a “brolly” with me – never did in Cabo !!

  3. The Waves says:

    Ah, I love the look on your face in the first picture! It is very telling of how you feel about rain! 🙂 Excellent song choice, btw!
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