Jan 13 2012

And With These Problems Come Solutions

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~ Happy Friday the 13th ~

Another yoga teaching outfit for you.  Again with the black skirt overtop, I know I’ve been relying on this skirt too much.  I have about ten other skirts to choose from so I am making a resolution to only wear the black skirt only once per week.

What item in your closet do you rely on TOO much?

I don’t often go to teach without a skirt over my pants.   If I did I’d look like a *lazy person* in yoga pants which is actually quite common in Vancouver and the reason we ranked #3 on the Worst Dressed Cities in the World list.  And yes, we deserved it.  Below is a close up of my purple Sockdreams kneehighs and wresting boots.  The slouch in these socks makes it easy to fit pants underneath, the boots work without lacing up which makes me smile.

Black Knit Sweater, Christmas Gift. Canada T-Shirt, free from swap. Bluenotes Eyelet Skirt. Lululemon Pants. Sockdreams Socks. Acquired Wresting Boots.

*Coming Down, The Weeknd*
His music has more profanities that I would prefer but he is so talented it’s worth it.

Love Eyeliah

2 Responses to “And With These Problems Come Solutions”

  1. Kate & Zena says:

    My “jeggings.” I swear these are not jeggings, but pseudo skinny jeans. I have this one pair that are go over my ankles onto my feet which I LOVE because I hate the feeling of my jeans rubbing against my boots. I call this pair my “boot jeans.” Since winter is sooooooo cold here (except this winter ironically), I wear these jeans ALL WEEK and wash them on washing day. Hygienic? Maybe not, but those are my jeans. I tried to find another pair, but the legs ended up being that “normal” length that I hate for boots! Must. Find. More!

  2. Eli says:

    Totally feeling this way about my new red sweater so much that I had to blog about it.
    Eli´s last blog post ..The red sweater