Jan 11 2012

Awesome Actors We KNEW Would Become Famous

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When is the last time you saw a movie and an unknown actor really stole the show?  They were funny, charming, convincing.  It doesn’t happen often but when it does you can tell that this person is pure magic, they have ‘it’.  Sooner or later, they become the biggest celebrities on the planet! Or you know, just get more work so you get to see them more often which is awesome enough.  Here are a few of my favorites….

Zoe Saldana

I remember watching Zoe’s big screen debut in Center Stage being completely enamored by her bad girl ballerina Eva when she stubbed out a cigarette with the pointe of her ballet shoe.  I also may have watched her in that Britney Spears movie….  Now she is starring in movies like Avatar and Star Trek, yay Zoe!

Bradley Cooper

Now this is a big one for me since I had been saying for years “he’s going to be a big star”.  I am so glad for Bradley’s success, just hear him speak french and you will agree.  He first really got my attention in 2006 as the jerk in Wedding Crashers and being the only watchable part as the best friend in Failure To Launch.  Flash forward a few years and he is on the cover of movie posters like Limitless, The Hangover, The A-Team.  Oh, and he was named Sexiest Man Alive for 2011.

Paul Rudd

In his first movie Paul was the cutest college boy Josh in Clueless. And I still remember my delight when he popped up as a regular on Friends.  Now he is a household name because of comedies like Dinner for Schmucks (hilarious and surprisingly touching), Our Idiot Brother and Role Models.

Amanda Seyfried

First time away from the small screen Amanda was in Mean Girls as the ditsy Karen.  She had some of the best lines in the movie, it takes a lot of smarts to play that dumb.  She has gone on to star in Mamma Mia and Jennifers Body.  Next she will be Cosette (!) in Les Mis and playing Linda Lovelace in Lovelace.


Who did you KNOW would become a big star?

7 Responses to “Awesome Actors We KNEW Would Become Famous”

  1. Janiece says:

    Cate Blanchett. The first thing i saw her in was a short film my friend worked on, made here in South Australia. It was the mid-90s and she’d done a little bit of tv but no feature films yet. I came out going: wow, that girl is just amazing, mesmerising, i bet she’ll go on to do something…

  2. Mom says:

    Merryl Streep and James Woods, when I was 16 I saw them both in a ten part mini series called the Holocaust. They played a newly married couple, James was a jewish pianist. She was bloody amazing, that was 39 years ago.

  3. chelsea says:

    Ha, two of the people you posted were on Veronica Mars. I still think that Kristen Bell needs to make it big, and not just in stupid comedies either. Her talent is too damn good to be wasted.
    I always knew Elijah Wood would be big. I remember him being itty bitty and then movies like Lord of the Rings came out and everyone was like “dude, this actor!” and I was like, “Yeah… Didn’t you ever see The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or Flipper? I mean, where have you been?”

  4. The Waves says:

    Kate Winslet! I saw her in Heavenly Creatures, and was absolutely stunned. I just knew that she was going to be huge one day. Actually, to be fair, I don’t know if she might have gotten a lot of press because of that movie, she might have..? Well, even if she did, I didn’t see any of it at the time. 🙂
    The Waves´s last blog post ..On wardrobe basics

  5. Julie B says:

    Ryan Gosling! I saw him in a little movie called the Slaughter Rule years ago and was so impressed, I have kept an eye on his career ever since! Check out the movie sometime, a good dramatic role.

  6. Eyeliah says:

    Great answers everyone! It’s funny Julie, Ryan Gosling is on another list I am working on… because I never would have thought he’d become famous.

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