Jan 08 2012

Yoga Teaching Outfit As Requested

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I Do Keep A Date With You

This is a quite typical look for me when I’m off to teach yoga classes; crew neck t-shirt, skirt over yoga pants and cute legwarmers.  I am often out to meet friends, going around town from class to class and maybe even a movie or something after so I need this outfit to be versatile.  Since I teach a few times a week there will be more yoga outfits to come, I’ll have to show you my favorite scarf that occasionally doubles as my mat.

The pants I am wearing are from Lululemon, a clothing company that is all the rage in Vancouver specializing in yoga wear.  I’ve only had these pants purchased for $80 (luckily I had a gift card) for a few months and they are already falling apart.  It’s a far cry from a pair of  $30 J76 pants I’ve had for two years and wear more often that are still as good as new.  My only other pair of Lululemons are also in terrible shape, but I wore them all over Europe so I suppose it was expected.


Are you a Lululemon fan?

H&M Pink Shirt from NYC in ’06. Bluenotes Black Eyelet Skirt. Lululemon Wunder Unders. Sockdreams Legwarmers.

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3 Responses to “Yoga Teaching Outfit As Requested”

  1. Melissa says:

    I have heard both good and bad things about Lululemon. A lot of the reviews I’ve read recently mention that the quality sucks. I did buy my bf a hoodie from them for Xmas, he hasn’t worn it for more than a few hrs so how it holds up remains to be seen, but for 120.00 I’m expecting it to last longer than something you’d buy at walmart.

  2. Kate & Zena says:

    I think it depends on what you buy with Lululemon. I’ve heard their sweaters last forever, but their pants don’t. I’ve talked to a lot of dancers (my school offers dancing courses, and I’m near that wing and I LOVE dancing) and the long term dancers who have worn the brand for years have said the quality has gone down over the years as the brand has become more popular. Lulu (name’s too long; I’m shortening it!) was originally a brand made for yoga; since yoga is like dance in that it’s a sport with needing a lot of flexibility, it quickly became popular with dancers (it makes sense.)

    I’m very picky about what I wear (having hypersensitive skin makes me that way) and I wouldn’t even wear anything Lulu without being able to inspect it up close and personal. The only Lulu store is, uh, a good half hour (if traffic is good) away. I’m not that interested in the brand to drive that far. I don’t see anything that I can’t find at a better price and out of better quality material elsewhere; well, mainly, Athleta. Yes, it’s owned by Gap, but the quality is AMAZING. AH-MA-ZING. These puppies don’t fall apart. The pictures online don’t look as pretty as the catalog photos, but great products. I think it’s important to know the stuff that makes up your clothes; I recognize the stuff in Athleta clothes and I know they don’t irritate my skin. I go towards something that has cotton and I don’t see one cotton thing in Lulu. I have cotton options in Athleta and Athletica, so those are my sports brands (which I need to stock up on.) For bras, I keep no secret that I am a VS fan and I hit the roof when I found out they were doing a sports line. My paws are grabbing the first purple VSX Incredible by Victoria Secret Sports Bra in my size when I go next time. THE. FIRST. ONE. (I mean, go look at it. That is one wicked bra. I don’t get excited about bras, but that’s one cool looking bra.)

    So, basically, Lulu is just another fish in the sea. I think there are better ones than the “high and mighty Lululemon” people make it out to be.

    *Yes, you must check out that bra. I will even leave you the link: http://www.victoriassecret.com/ss/Satellite?ProductID=1265707601378&c=Page&cid=1321713095964&pagename=vsdWrapper
    Isn’t the back cool? (Totally freaking over a bra, sorry. I need a life.)

  3. Eyeliah says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised that the quality used to be better, that would be how they became so successful in the first place. The sweaters look really cozy, but I cannot spend $120+ on a hoodie these days, even with my 15% yoga teacher discount… Also the staff there is so lovely, very friendly and conversational. *Sigh* it makes me sad because I would really like to support them but it’s not worth it when I am wasting my money.