Oct 27 2011

Last Minute Halloween Costumes Found In Your Closet

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The post was originally on Style Symmetry on October 28, 2009.

Halloween parties start tomorrow…. do you know what your costume is?  Fear not as there are many last minute ideas lurking in your smart and savvy wardrobe.  With the help of polyvore here are my top five choices for the gal in a rut.

What are your last minute costume ideas?

School Girl – This was my last minute costume in 2006 when I had one hour to put a look together.  The school girl can be done in the innocent or the sassy way.  To be innocent think high buttoned top, knee length skirt and nerdy glasses.  For sassy tie the top to reveal your midriff and for the skirt the shorter the better, maybe some red lipstick and pigtails?  For both a pleated or plaid skirt, white knee socks and Mary Jane heels or patent ballet flats are required.

Frazzled Housewife – First start with a nightgown or housecoat and fuzzy slippers.  Do you have a shower cap or some curlers?  This is the topper but if not dump baby powder into your hair.  Apply messy mascara and smeared lipstick and grab a rolling pin or frying pan from the kitchen.  Now walk around with a chip on your shoulder.

1950′s Housewife – The antithesis of the last costume, this housewife has it pulled together.  Grab your favorite full skirt vintage dress and an apron, if you don’t have an apron any shirt or frilly fabric tied at the waist can mimic the effect.   Now high or kitten heels, pearl earrings or necklace and perhaps a tray of cupcakes or cookies, pass them out to friends or put candy on the tray if you are greeting trick or treaters.

Pirate – Hopefully you have an eye patch in your closet, if not it can be easily made or passed on.  A white frilly shirt, red scarf for a waist sash, any dark or leather vest and tall brown boots.  This can be worn with a skirt or pants, perhaps pile on some extra scarves or tie one on your head.  For makeup smudge Kohl around your eyes for that dash of Jack Sparrow sexiness.  Bonus points if you have a sword, gun or Jolly Roger.

Ghost – This is for those with only a few moments to get ready or the truly lazy (well done).  You must be willing to sacrifice a white sheet.  If not maybe find one at a second hand shop.

4 Responses to “Last Minute Halloween Costumes Found In Your Closet”

  1. teeny says:

    i find it perplexing that i can do almost all of these!

  2. chelsea says:

    You know, it is very rare to actually see anyone doing the old ghost sheet costume. A few years back I knew these two guys. They were complaining about not having costumes and I inspired them to don sheets. It was brilliant. Watching them try to drink beer through the eye holes was entertaining.

  3. charlotte says:

    Perfect tip!
    I have all that I need for the 2nd costume! And this one is funny!
    It will help me for the next Halloween for sure, I am a last-minute person!

  4. Matt White says:

    The pictures are hilarious. I loved the one with the lady and the frying pan. I will have to bookmark this for next year. Thanks for the ideas!