Sep 20 2011

Feelings on My Current 99 Piece Wardrobe

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This post is for The Waves who commented;

“Wow, good job! I’d be really interested to know how you feel about your wardrobe now. Is it easier to get dressed in the morning? Has your style changed? How do you feel about style/fashion these days? Perhaps you could write a post on that..?”

Thanks Waves, I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Is it easier to get dressed in the morning?
It is quite easy to get dressed out of The Tiny Closet.  Since there are not many pieces, the hemming and hawing of unlimited possibilities it taken completely off the table.  I can look in my closet and in that moment see everything!  I pick a skirt and a top or a dress, match a sweater and shoes, maybe a scarf or hat and then go.  It is really nice to only be wearing things that I love every day.

It also makes laundry a much easier chore!  Back when I had 100s of items the hamper pile could get excruciatingly large as I would not need to wash everything in the bin.  Now as soon as I have a load worth of dirty clothes, I was them all.

The challenge of 99 pieces comes in when items start to lose their luster, as with no excess they need to be replaced.  All three of my long cardigans officially died!  The red cashmere has small holes in both armpits that have already been repaired twice and now a hole at the cuff.  The yellow Banana Republic has unrepairable rips in the arm from squeezing through the bike room.  And the saddest of all, my biggest clothing purchase in quite some time, a $150 cashmere cardigan (after 40% off) lost in battle with my friends huge puppy dog that jumped up on me as I arrived.  So far I purchased a replacement red cashmere off ebay.

Has Your Style Changed?
Absolutely!  My style is much simpler these days.  As there are no extra ‘bells and whistles’ in my closet I’m not adding those extra details that I used to.  I suppose the difference is my style is now less fussy.  I no longer work in an office all day, I am biking to yoga classes so every dress or skirt also has a pair of yoga pants underneath.

How Do You Feel About Style These Days?
Living in Downtown Vancouver, I see stylish people everywhere!  I am constantly seeing a look I want to emulate, or a piece I would love to buy.  I have to remind myself that ‘fashion’ is very fleeting with trends coming and going every month and what I am working towards is honing a style that is so completely me.  I am also in the process of weeding out pieces that don’t fit my new lifestyle and for each piece I take out I add something that better reflects me today.  Lately I am really into flowing skirts, loose blouses, natural fibers more than ever, bright colors and earth tones.

Readers, How Do You Feel About Your Current Style?

2 Responses to “Feelings on My Current 99 Piece Wardrobe”

  1. Lyddiegal says:

    I can appreciate your new style of no fuss dressing, and can see myself embracing that someday.
    But not today. I love my over stuffed closet, as crazy as it may make me some days.
    Lyddiegal´s last blog post ..More New York

  2. The Waves says:

    Thanks for writing this! Today, as I was packing away some of my summer clothes to make room for my autumn stuff, I just shook my head in disbelief at how many clothes I have. Years ago I read a piece in Vogue UK about a woman who got rid off all (yes, all) of her clothes, and then started to develop a new wardrobe from scratch. I still remember being in awe of such courage, and of what basically was a complete take-off from the safety of one’s clothes. You did pretty much the same thing, and you are my hero! Who knows, one day, perhaps I’ll get my act together… 🙂
    The Waves´s last blog post ..Signposts in the Sea