Aug 11 2011

Wedding Weekend

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I am going to a wedding this weekend, and I will be MC’ing.  I struggle with stage fright and anxiety at times and have been so nervous about this approaching event.  I’ve known for months about my duties so this nervousness has been building and building and building….  Usually once I get to the moment it’s fine, like when I’ve had to give blood at the doctor or approach people for The Eyeline.  I’ve always ‘claimed’ I am a shy person, but no one believes me.  Truth is moments leading up to being outgoing my heart is racing THUMP THUMP THUMP!  But I’ve always found the rewards of pushing through so worth it, thank goodness.

Do you suffer from any anxieties?

To get to the fun part, my outfit!
I’m thinking this buttery yellow dress…. and these simple heels….

a lovely massive black flower in my hair and this purse if I don’t find one fancy purse saved in storage.

Photos to follow next week.

7 Responses to “Wedding Weekend”

  1. Katie says:

    great outfit choice, you’ll look lovely at the wedding! I also think I have a bit of stage fright, even if it’s not a stage but just a group of people 🙂

  2. Elissa says:

    Love them both!! Hot hot hot!! I’m sure you’ll do fine… I actually got a prescription for Atavan for panic attacks and it seems to work pretty well for me… however I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. The ideal is to push through it yourself but sometimes I get all in a froth and then… let chemistry take over.

  3. Caboguy says:

    I was MC for Bob Steele & Nadia and there were alot of radio & media people there, including Ed Whalen, Barb Higgins, Gerry Forbes…who speak in front of thousahnds all the time (well, Forbes behind his radio microphone but he also does live gigs) – my advice is be prepared with easy-to-read notes,stories about the couple (like how they met & some courtship events)and talk to the couple alot of the time and turn to the guests frequently…find someone comfortable in the audience to speak to…a friend, the drunk uncle! Try to keep on time and Most of all, have FUN,,,you set the tone for the reception!! Can’t wait to hear how great you did…

  4. marta says:

    I like both looks! I think the 2nd one is more eye catching and the 1st one is a more subtle look. I get anxious too, but I guess is part of life and is normal as long as it doesn’t make me get out of control.

  5. Cammila says:

    You’re going to do just great! I used to get this feeling before I went on stage to sing, where it felt like I couldn’t quite get enough air in my lungs, and I needed to YAWN constantly! Very strange. People would look at me and say “Well gee, you don’t look very nervous.” And I’d sound silly saying “No, I really am. I yawn when I’m nervous.”

    After playing out in bands for a few years, it completely went away. You’re going to get happy and into the moment when you’re up there and feel awesome, I guarantee it. 🙂

  6. Kionon says:

    You look a lot like Anne Hathaway to me in that second picture.

  7. Bella says:

    What a gorgeous dress in the second shot! I love the print. You look lovely!