Jul 07 2011

Unpacking! Balcony Inspiratons

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 10:05 pm

With Vancouver’s year round mild temperatures the balcony is a welcomed addition of square footage.  It is important to create a cozy and inviting space to make sure the it is utilized to the full potential.  My inspiration started with this picture on craigslist, I think they were giving away the rug.

My new balcony is pretty much exactly the same including a partition with a ledge that would work perfectly for a piece of art, maybe my Starry Starry Night.  The rail is also half concrete half bars for a nice bit of privacy while still showing the view, unfortunately there isn’t a plug for a lamp.

I love these cozy patios on Apartment Therapy; the pillows, the drapes, hanging ornaments and slat floors.  I have a bamboo mat and throw pillows that could begin the creation of this vibe.

The Parisian balcony with a set table and flower planters is lovely, and my balcony table is very similar.  Perhaps with a garden statue and wild vines.


How did you decorate your backyard or balcony?

6 Responses to “Unpacking! Balcony Inspiratons”

  1. wanderlusting says:

    I don’t have either but I would totally do this if I had a balcony!! Gah. Need to move!

  2. Christine says:

    LOVE it! I live in a house, not an apartment (anymore) but always had porches in any place I’ve lived…just a MUST! Here, at my downstairs porch, I have a vintage glass-topped table with an antique rusted chandelier frame over it hanging with candle-filled mason jars. Beside that is a reproduction antique glider…I think something that moves – glider, hammock, swing – is key! Often our husband or I will take our laptops out there to work. Since our time there is limited (May – September) it is precious…

  3. Haute World says:

    I wish I had a back yard or balcony at the moment! I love the idea of extending the living area to make the balcony almost like an extra outdoors room. The Parisian balcony would be my dream… sigh. Hope you’re doing well by the way 🙂

  4. wardrobe experience says:

    nice inspirations. sadly i don’t have a balcony…poor me!
    can’t wait to see some shots of your new home.

  5. Lyddiegal says:

    these are awesome spaces – i totally want a hammock!

  6. Christina Carabini says:

    This is a really cozy balcony which has amazing views over west London.