May 29 2011

Current Missions

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Find a Place to Live

I’ve been looking at apartments a bit ahead of the game since most people won’t give notice for July 1st until Tuesday. The earlier I look the better an apartment I will find and I just may have my clothes and an outfit photo location again.

Teach Yoga

I have 20+ yoga classes lined up for this summer so far. I’ll be teaching my first Power Yoga sessions, covering for a week at a lovely studio and hopefully teaching on our gorgeous Vancouver beaches (fingers crossed for that interview today!).


My first week back from Europe I was an attractive mix of sick and lazy.  I had to get my blood pumping again so I’ve been remedying this by biking.  I also want to Amsterdamify my bike with baskets, bungees and a kickstand.


I just looked back at my plan from November and it’s interesting to evaluate what I’ve accomplished in six months.  I took the yoga training and stopped clenching my teeth, I didn’t sell my vintage pieces or become a better blogger; sorry but my life is still needing organization. I was right about not feeling safe in that sublet, I didn’t get the working visa for Holland but I did go to all the countries I wanted (plus Greece) and came back in May as planned to secure work and a home.  Overall I feel happy with my progress, time to get back at it!

What are your current missions?

5 Responses to “Current Missions”

  1. chelsea says:

    My current missions:
    1) to find an apartment in Indianapolis
    2) find someone to take over our apartment here in Chicago
    3) clean
    4) go to as many free concerts, movies in the park, museum days as possible before we leave
    5)probably clean some more
    Plus a lot of other things.
    I wish my list was as short as yours. Maybe I need some perspective.
    chelsea´s last blog post ..two things

  2. Caboguy says:

    Hi: you’re on track very well…keep pluggin’ away and I am sure you will have a wonderful summer!

  3. wardrobe experience says:

    how was your first power yoga lesson?

    you can be very proud about yourself. your new life seems to be very successful to me. you live your dream…
    wardrobe experience´s last blog post ..Colourful Weekend

  4. eli says:

    I’ve love following your missions 🙂 You are amazing and brave! Keep it going, cause really, nothing can stop you now.
    eli´s last blog post ..After 5

  5. Kionon says:

    I am not a robot-

    Oh, wait. *checks box* Got it.

    I really liked your world traveling pictures. To continue to travel is one of my “missions.” My most immediate mission is to keep up my 3.6 GPA while obtaining more scholarships (read: FREE MONEY) to fund it. Then it’s back to Japan!
    Kionon´s last blog post ..TrellisDenton- TX