Apr 25 2011

Off To…..

Category: TravelEyeliah @ 2:40 pm

Paris, Ohh La La!

I’ve been very busy jetting around Europe as you can tell.  After this weekend I will also be out of a place to stay in Amsterdam and as my budget has yet to run out I am deciding where to go next.  Contenders include a Spanish Isle, the South of France, Lagos Portugal, Greece or perhaps Prague.  How does one choose, do you have any recommendations?

8 Responses to “Off To…..”

  1. chelsea says:

    Any way you can make a loop out of them. Which one is closest? And then which one is closest to that? And on from there. Greece would be amazing, but is it safe at this time?

  2. mom says:

    Alan and Oma will be in Nice on the 16th Hope you can swing by that area. Alan want to take yu to Eze…so amazing

  3. eli says:

    I would highly recommend Stockholm, dont know how expensive it would be. But the weather should be great right now, everything is walking or metro distance. People speak english and are absolutely beautiful! There was so much to see, I really loved it

  4. Wicked Halo says:

    Prague is gorgeous, but the people aren’t very nice there…Greece is cool, Mykonos and Santorini are very laidback and cool and I’d say perfectly safe…Stockholm nice town but yeah a tad expensive

  5. Audi says:

    I’d recommend getting over to Eastern Europe if you can manage it. That region is still constantly changing as it evolves from its Soviet past, and to me that is far more fascinating than the long-established and more touristy western countries. Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland would make a great swath of Europe to cover. If you’re going to get into Czech, I’d definitely recommend a stop in Cesky Krumlov; at any rate don’t just go to Prague. Budapest and Krakow are among my favorite places as well. I’ve also heard great things about Romania and Bulgaria, though I have yet to visit myself. They’re high on my list. Whatever you decide to do, have a great time!

  6. Lyddiegal says:

    Greece sounds fab! Just think of those villages on the sides of mountains facing the sea…

  7. caboguy says:

    “Grease is the word”…er, I mean Greece !!!

  8. Siwy says:

    Greece I love Greece amazing cliffs and history and the food is to die for