Apr 14 2011

Barcelona Recap & Budget

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I was right about not having much internet time and access in Barcelona!

I had such an amazing time that I attempted to stay longer than my 4.5 days but alas a cheap flight was not to be found.  Upon arrival my CouchSurfing location did not work out.  Sure it was close to Park Guell, and on google maps it doesn’t look bad but it was actually 4 blocks up a very steep hill, and then her apartment was 4 stories underground, no internet, smelly and she wouldn’t offer me a key (just stay here for 2hrs and I’ll be back), lesson totally learned.  I ended up at Mambo Tango on Paral-lel close to everything for my first ever hostel experience.  The people I met were amazing and fun and I barely slept with so much to do and so many roommates.  Yesterday I slept 1.5hr on the plane and then 10hrs once I arrived home in Amsterdam, ahhhhh felt so good.  I took 400 pictures in Barcelona so I won’t be getting to that today, but here is me after biking up to Castell de Montjuic.

My Barcelona smiles are the biggest.

$ Budget $

I am trying to travel affordably, so that I can stay in Europe as long as possible.
For 4.5 days in Barcelona I spent; €97 flight, €84 on hostel, €94 cash.

Total €275 or $390 CAN/US$

My splurges were the €13 entrance for Nasty Mondays at Apolo, €13 for tapas and wine at the top rated Quimet i Quimet, €10 Picasso Museum and €6 for a 24hr bike.  Other than that I was walking the streets, taking the metro to hot spots, grabbing a bite at the bakery or supermercat, making 6 pitchers of sangria for €5 and not buying souvenirs.

Top Tips

Take bus #46 or the train to/from the airport instead of the A1/A2 and save €8 for an only 7 minute longer commute.

Ask accommodations staff and other travels about there plans, there are so many free/close to free things to do.

The Barcelona Tourist Guide is a very thoughtful website, read it a couple days before you go.

My Barcelona Map

Red lines were walked, blue lines were biked.

7 Responses to “Barcelona Recap & Budget”

  1. Franca says:

    I love Barcelona! I’m glad you managed to do it on a mega budget! we tend to be quite splurgy on our city trips, which is why we only ever go away for a short while!

  2. Mom says:

    Wow, that was some fancy spending my love. WTG.

  3. chelsea says:

    Ah! So awesome! I so want to go to Barcelona now. I love that you can do it on the cheap. Post some pictures soon.

  4. jeno says:

    Glad you are enjoying yourself in Barcelona.

    You should come down here on the South of Spain too. Marbella is very chic and luxurious, you will like it here.



  5. eli says:

    So fun! I’ve only been to madrid, but even then I was soooo sad to leave!

  6. Wicked Halo says:

    I’ve been eyeing an h&m skirt just like yours! Also haven’t been in Barcelona yet so these are useful tips!

  7. Mallory | Storm in a Teacup says:

    Wow, you’re so thrifty! I want to travel to Barcelona too, someday. 🙂