Apr 05 2011

Cee Lo Green Melkweg Amsterdam April 4, 2011 Setlist

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Set List

Yesterday I attended my first concert in a while, and I think it’s been a couple years since I’ve gone solo to a show.  The Melkweg is an interesting venue, a former warehouse located right on the canals it’s very charming.  Instantly walking in I saw that the 1,500 capacity space was packed all the way up to the back bar.  I pushed up my sleeves (literally I did) and began the Vancouver concert shuffle of squeezing my way through and ended up at the best spot on a riser just off side of the stage with a perfect view.

Want to know my method?

It’s simple enough, be bold.  If the venue has the entrance at one side like Melkweg, move across the back first as the side further away from the door will have less people.  Move like you’ve already been up there, like you are just returning to you spot.  Show no hesitation, occasionally I even gently place my hand on peoples shoulders, man that is a rude habit I have :S but people seem to be fine with it as they move out of the way.  I found Amsterdammers to be exceptionally polite letting me wiggle my way up in a quarter of the time it would take me back home.  They also give each other lots of space instead of squishing in together, very nice.

The Show

Ebony Bones opened and her band was quite the sight!  Everyone is face paint, masks and costumes.  The music had a very Santogold/M.I.A feel.  Her background singers had some wicked choreographed dance moves as Ebony belted her heart out and commanded the stage.  There were a few kinks here and there but I am sure she will be headlining her own tour within a couple years.

Cee Lo started with a lot of energy!  He came out in the classic Gone Baby Gone leather jacket and the largest wallet chain I’ve ever seen.  His band is a bevy of sexy ladies clad in tight clothing and stilettos who can really rock out.  The acoustics seemed a bit off as his voice distorted and there were a lot of backing tracks played instead of having background singers, only from time to time you’d catch a good moment showcasing his voice.  After amping us up Cee Lo delved into a few slow songs before really rocking our socks off with I Want You, Satisfied and a faster paced version of Crazy.  I was super surprised after that when they broke into classic Gnarls Barkley songs Run, Smiley Faces and Gone Daddy Gone, excitement!  I wasn’t sure if he play any of those and I was in a great group of fans who sang along to every word with me as we shook about.

For the encore I moved to get right up front at centre stage and boy that was easy, everyone spread out even right at the front??  This is new to me.  Sadly the encore was more slow songs, I was just feeling like dancing too much….  At the end all of a sudden Cee Lo burst into the crowd to walk through everyone to get to the exit.  This lovely crowd was barely rushing him, so for me (using the Vancouver concert shuffle) I easily got around and over to him and got my set list for the night signed.  Have I mentioned yet how much I <3 Amsterdam!

2 Responses to “Cee Lo Green Melkweg Amsterdam April 4, 2011 Setlist”

  1. Clare says:

    Q: Would I kill to see Cee Lo perform “Perfect Day”?
    A: Yes. Yes I would.

  2. caboguy says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t get on the stage & sang with him!!