Mar 14 2011

Symmetry Seven ~ Audrey Kitching

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Audrey Kitching has her own rock and roll style, a to die for vintage wardrobe, media savvy, an endless supply of creativity and did I mention she never stops working! She blogs multitudes of posts weekly, designs clothing, styles fashion shoots, runs a vintage shop, maintains a constantly evolving cotton candy hairdo and looks fabulous while doing it all.  It will be exciting to see where the next few years takes Audrey and what she’ll wear.  Her penchant for animal backpacks hits a personal note with the writer. I was lucky enough to ask Audrey the Symmetry Seven Questions, see her answers below.  All photos via Audrey Kitching’s Blog.

1. What would you name your personal style?
Glam Rock Barbie

2. Is there anything you wouldn’t wear?
UGGs and sweatpants I think covers it.. im pretty much game for anything else!

3. Where do you get your outfit inspirations?
Movies, music, books, magazines! My house is always cluttered with new inspiration materials… I love trying new things and to make that possible you must always expand your mind with new knowledge first!

4. What’s your favorite non fashion hobby?
Cooking and movies… the perfect night for me is a home made dinner followed by documentary’s and films. I make some killer vegan dishes, my carnivore friends are even head over heels for them!

5. How much time do you spend working on your blog?
Everyday I spend a few hours.. I have so may ideas and things I want to share… I post two times almost everyday! My blog is like my baby.

6. What songs/albums are you loving right now?
Its so cliche but im really into the Beatles… more so then I normally am. The Ettes, Mumford & Sons, David Bowie, Toy Dolls, The Raveonettes…

7. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an artist… I guess I kinda am in a different medium!

Thank you so much Audrey for participating!!

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4 Responses to “Symmetry Seven ~ Audrey Kitching

  1. Lyddiegal says:

    My goodness, she looks like she belongs in the coolest of magazine photo spreads; definitely an amazing style inspiration!!

  2. WendyB says:

    I like her description of her style!

  3. Dorota says:

    Hi,I have been following your blog for a while,very interesting!I have started blogging as well 🙂


  4. wardrobe experience says:

    she looks like a rock star… wow…