Feb 02 2011

Mexico Day 1

Category: TravelEyeliah @ 5:35 pm

Mount Saint Helens


Senor Frogs, near to the cruise ships only stays open til 5pm.

Even from Walmart you can see a glorious sunset.

7 Responses to “Mexico Day 1”

  1. Teeny says:

    I am so jealous, and so looking forward to seeing and reading more about Mexico!!!!!

  2. eli says:

    how exciting! Senor Frog brings back some frightening college memories

  3. jesse.anne.o says:

    Those birds! This looks so lovely.

    I didn’t even think Senor Frogs was a real place – just the butt of so many jokes!

  4. wardrobe experience says:

    beautiful pictures… have a good time

  5. marta says:

    That’s the good life right there… Enjoy!

  6. Lyddiegal says:

    They have walmart in mexico? what is this world coming to?
    please please, go to the beach and watch the sunset for real 🙂

  7. anthea says:

    Love senor frogs! Looks like a blast. You’re lucky to escape that dreadful Van weather! Enjoy!