Jan 30 2011

I’m Off

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 7:43 pm

I’ve purchased a one way plane ticket to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I leave on Tuesday.  It’s kind of nice to have no job, home, responsibilities because that means I can just pick up and go!  Of course I will miss the lovely people of Vancouver but this type of opportunity may not come around again.  I’ve got some cute clothes (I’ll still be blogging) and my yoga mat packed in my luggage as well as this little beauty.

Yes I am a proud new owner of a ukulele!  And bright red to boot.  I’m a leftie and I’ve decided to learn the chords upside down.  I can’t fit an acoustic guitar into carry on luggage so the uke will be a nice substitute to keep my practice up while I’m away.  I already know all the basic chords and am in the process of converting one song “Summer” into a ukulele classic.  Hopefully I’ll be able to record it soon.

I’ve had no time for blogging the past few days but somehow managed to join this fun book tracking website Shelfari via Kater. I updated my ‘shelf’ with the most recent books I’ve read and the next books on my list.  I recently started a book club and the first book was The Glass Castle. We have a month to read it, but I finished it in a week so I’m already on to Life of Pi.

What book have you recently read that you’d recommend?

11 Responses to “I’m Off”

  1. Lyddiegal says:

    Enjoy your new vagabond lifestyle! And the warm weather, and Water For Elephants. Its quite good.

  2. northwest is best says:

    Have fun! I try finishing reading The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser – it’s quite heavy going because of all the research that’s gone into it, but it’s a more accurate portrayal than The Tudors.

  3. Wicked Halo says:

    Looking forward to listening to your ukelele classics 🙂 Have a good time!

  4. Audi says:

    Have a wonderful time! Have you seen the guy on YouTube who plays The Final Countdown on the ukelele? It might inspire you! 🙂


  5. chelsea says:

    I have that same ukulele! I still need to learn how to play it.
    Good luck on your adventures! Can’t wait to hear about them.

  6. Elly says:

    Safe travels and enjoy! What an exciting experience…looking forward to hearing about it!

  7. eli says:

    So happy FOR YOU! You’re doing what’s best for you and your spirit

  8. Violet Folklore says:

    Hi Eyeliah!

    I just reread Cold Mountain. It is my favorite novel of all time. The story is epic and full of love and longing and scenes from a dreamy, almost surreal (though very real and down to earth) past, and the language is so haunting and beautiful and, in some places, anachronistic in the best way. It’s quite different from the movie. I highly, highly recommend it. (Bonus- it’s at every thrift store ever always!).

    Yay for the uke! I am learning the fiddle. It’s my first time playing an instrument and I am loving it. If I ever take up the guitar I would play it upside down too, that’s just how it feels right to my body.

    Have fun babe!

  9. Christy says:

    But being a poor student this now means that I can read new books instead of rereading the ones I have for a zillionth time. That being said if I know the author or have heard great things about a book I will still pick it up regardless of the cover.Come Thou Tortoise was a cover that caught my eye in an instant. Even better it is by Canadian author Jessica Grant.My first word to describe this book is odd.

  10. Missa says:

    I recently finished reading Just Kids by Patti Smith and it is AMAZING.