Dec 09 2010

The Black Keys Oct 3 2010 Orpheum SetList & Yoga Talk

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I’ll never get over the amazingness (not a word) of Vancouver concert crowds.  Nine times out of ten if you squish us all together we’ll love it!  People are singing and swaying together in a harmony that seems unlikely for a group of strangers.  After four years of observing this energy my current hypothesis is that Vancouverites are die hard fans of most of the bands they go to see, they don’t want any negative energy to ruin their concert going experience.

The Black Keys have been 2nd on my ‘must see’ concert list (1st is The Strokes) since The Ongoing Project first turned me on to their music in early 2008.  These were the BEST seats I’ve ever purchased, 7th row at The Orpheum.  Of course we all rush the stage after the lights go out and being in the 7th row gets you up their quickly. I was right below Dan singing his heart out.  Seeing The Black Keys live was well worth the two year wait.  Next Girl was the highlight of the night for me.  Normally I do a more detailed review but of course two months later the eloquence of the evening becomes harder to put into words so I’ll relate it to my yoga teacher training.

I’ve always known people are either visual or auditory learners, meaning they ‘see’ or ‘hear’ to understand.  I’ve never been auditory, tell me something and if I don’t write it down it may be forgotten.  So I assumed I had to be visual, thinking in images.  At teacher training we discussed multi sensory learning and how people communicate.  My brain started going into my programmed thoughts of, “oh I already know I’m visual”.  And then the teacher mentions kinesthetic people who need to ‘move and feel’ to understand and something clicked.  To learn the yoga postures I’ve been moving with my body to understand each instruction.  When I go to concerts I often close my eyes to feel the music, sometimes not even listening but just feeling.  Also I am very touchy with loved ones, I like to touch you, and all the fabrics at Banana Republic.  Up until now I had no idea there was kinesthetic let alone that I am primarily kinesthetic (and of course learning something about oneself is completely fascinating).  This is the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve learned about myself in this course.

Are you auditory, visual or kinesthetic?

Set List

Girl is on My Mind
10 am Automatic
The Breaks
Stack Shot Billy
Act Nice and Gentle
Everlasting Light
Next Girl
Chop and Change
Howlin’ for You
Tighten Up
She’s Long Gone
Ten Cent Pistol
I’ll Be Your Man
Strange Times
I Got Mine

Too Afraid To Love You
Sinister Kid
Your Touch

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  1. Lyddiegal says:

    I’m definitely an ‘in one ear and out the other’ kind of person – I need to write things down, and I always need to see things — I will still look at my hands to determine left from right. (or perhaps that just means I’m a non-learner since I haven’t managed to master it in 24 years).
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